Brian Berletic describes the way in which the US is incrementally moving toward a proxy conflict with China via Taiwan

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Washington’s Shifting Taiwan Policy Aims for an Asian “Ukraine”

1. Taiwan is to China as Ukraine is to Russia, in other words the US seeks to wage a proxy conflict through the breakaway island province in the same way the US is waging war with Russia through Ukrainian forces;
2. Just as US training and arms sales to Ukraine has done absolutely nothing to “repel” Russia, US training and arms to Taiwan will not only not “repel” any military operation to reintegrate Taiwan fully, it will most likely only accelerate provocations toward such a military operation; Washington’s goal in both Ukraine and Taiwan is not to preserve the regimes administering either territory, but to create and use conflicts involving both territories as justification for isolating Russia and China;
3. The Western arms industry obviously is benefiting to the tune of billions regarding arms sales to not only to Ukraine and Taiwan, but also to nations as part of “preparing” for wider conflict between Europe and Russia as well as Indo-Pacific nations and China;
4. In both cases it is clear that the US is not underwriting security for either Ukraine or Taiwan as well as the regions both territories reside in, and instead, is the greatest threat to both regions and wider global peace, stability, and prosperity.
RAND Corporation – War with China: Thinking Through the Unthinkable (2016):…








3 Responses to “Brian Berletic describes the way in which the US is incrementally moving toward a proxy conflict with China via Taiwan”

  1. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    Yet China was the launchpad for the Covid psyop. The communist revolution in China was not of the Chinese people but (like the Bolshevik revolution) but a Jewish (globalist/internationalist/central banker) revolution where (again like the Bolshevik revolution) Chinese people were fooled into destroying their country and conquering it for the Jewish Zionist elites. Same goes for basically all other revolutions and takeovers by evil ideologies and dictators, including the central banker funded (Aschke)Nazism. Just recently I was made aware that the central bankers were also in possession of Turkey (Ottoman Empire) when the genocide of Armenian christians happened. So that also was a Jewish genocide. Only they can be so boundlessly evil and cruel, as their ideology teaches that they are the only real humans and the rest of us are but soulless beasts. The Bolshevik massmurders and genocides were the worst of all yet they’re nowhere to be found in the official historical narrative, I wonder why…

  2. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    Forgot my orginal point… I meant to say that I think this US-China conflict is just kabuki theater as both countries obviously are under the control of the same interests. Russia closing ties with China (among other things, like Russia not seizing the Moscow central bank before the asset freeze and Putins WEF background) makes me believe the conflict between Russia and the West is also just theater.

    That all reminds me very much of the book 1984, where the world was falsely divided between two great powers locked in a perpetual cold war but it was actually the same elites ruling both sides and it was just theater to keep the masses (on both sides) distracted and paralyzed by perpetual fear and hatred. I used to think 1984 was a warning but I’m beginning to think it was predictive programming. Orvell was a member of the globalist Fabian Society, so it’s certainly more than plausible. What better way to make people warning of the conspiracy seem crazy than to write it all up in a science fiction novel before doing it… Everyone having a screen with a camera observing them has certainly come true as well, though our reality is worse than the fiction as we not only have a camera equipped screen in each home but even one that’s carried along by us and that most people keep in their hands, facing them, for many hours each day…

  3. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    A very well researched and well referenced article about Jewish history in China and the Jewish origins of Chinese Communism. For one, it shows, with evidence, that Chairman Mao was a Jew. Other top Chinese communist revolutionaries were freemasons or closely linked to Jews and freemasons. The current leader of China and his father also appear tied to Jewry. In light of this, it’s a bit easier to understand how Chinese rulers could be treating their people like what is currently happening. They’re not really Chinese rulers at all but rather Jewish occupiers and oppressors of China and its people. And the same is true for the West.