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Brian Berletic: A few Quick Points About Sweden and Finland Joining NATO

1. Nations aren’t given a choice to join – they either join or the US removes the government and installs one that will;

2. Neither Sweden nor Finland face any threat from any nations, let alone Russia;

3. The supposed “threat” is that Russia has invaded Ukraine “without provocation” and could invade anyone else next – the “WMD” lie told now to advance US foreign policy objectives;

4. Now that Sweden and Finland are joining NATO, they will be less secure – the next time NATO wages a war of aggression thousands of miles from its own borders, Swedish and Finnish troops will be sent to die there and both nations’ treasuries emptied in the process;

5. NATO expansion is a factor of US hegemony – an unwillingness to accept multipolarism and its attempt to continue imposing unipolar primacy.

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One Response to “Brian Berletic: A few Quick Points About Sweden and Finland Joining NATO”

  1. ian says:

    Undoubtedly true, but hey truth? never seen by 99% of the masses. The hypocrisy of our real rulers, is unbounded by any morals, decency, or in fact even one redeeming feature. They are special and do and get what they want’n we all don’t.