Bioterrorism: the attack on humanity in a nutshell


Intro by Steve Cook

Here is a handy ebook I found.

It provides as useful summary of the attack on humanity under cover of the “health emergency” hysteria and the casualties inflicted on the citizenry by the vaxadoodlebug, the globalists’ Weapon of Mass Destruction.

It is entitled “Bioterrorism, COVID Vaccines and Their Mechanism of Destruction”, and  you can download it free from the link given below.

Copyright laws prevent me from forwarding the download directly myself but I can give you a sample quote from the book:



The reality is that we still don’t know what the long-term effects will be since the vaccine is experimental and only  time can truly tell how severe their damage will be. However many experts, including our doctors, have analyzed  the mechanism of the vaccine and have looked at the damage that these jabs are currently causing to hypothesize  what these long-term effects may look like.

Dr. Bryan Ardis 

The American Heart Association, whose entire job is to research and give protocols to help reverse and protect all  Americans from developing heart disease. And what did  they find? That it actually states from the American Heart  Association, November 8, 2021, their Circulation journal,

“All mRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation  of heart muscle leading to thrombotic episodes, which is  blood clotting disorders, cardiomyopathy, which is heart  muscle disease, heart disease, and other vascular events  following the vaccinations.” And other vascular events  would be strokes and heart attacks. So, if the American  Heart Association can come out just less than 2 weeks  later and say the mRNA vaccines dramatically increase  heart inflammation and lead to cardiovascular events, my  problem with that is if the American Heart Association can  put that out, why wasn’t that information related 2 weeks  earlier to the FDA before they made this statement. They  already had this information. They got it from the CDC.

I don’t know if you know this, but myocarditis, which is what heart inflammation is, which the American Heart  Association is identifying. Did you know that Dr. Hinton of the NHS in the UK has already given the statistics for  the world so they can understand what the fatality rate is. Every single age group that’s identified and diagnosed  with myocarditis, for every age group worldwide, within 2 years, 20% of all those people will die. And we’ve got  information about teenagers. We even have the numbers from American teenagers that have received the Pfizer  shot, which is an mRNA shot that the American Heart Association says causes heart inflammation. This heart  inflammation called myocarditis is fatal in 2 years to 20% of everyone that actually gets diagnosed with that  condition. In 5 years, the fatality rate per Dr. Hinton is 50% of all people will be dead.

That means on the data sheets from the CDC, when they reported in August, that there were hundreds of teenage  boys developing myocarditis ages 12 to 19 years old, that means of the 12-year-olds, half of them won’t even  make it to their 17 years old. They’ll be dead from myocarditis. I have a problem now actually, the FDA coming out with the information from the CDC in August, coming out 2 months later in October saying, we’re now gonna  inject these experimental mRNA shots that now the American Heart Association says, that it is dramatically  increasing heart inflammation called myocarditis. I have a problem with the FDA, not retracting this mandate or  this extension of the Emergency Use Authorization on the 28 million kids that they just allowed this EUA to be  extended, to put all these vaccines into 5-to-11-year old children in America, knowing that heart disease is going  up in teenagers where it never existed before. It’s extremely rare in teenagers, but after these shots within 7 days,  they’re seeing it in teenagers. 5 times in females what they expected to see just within 1 week of the second Pfizer  shot and 20 times in teenage boys within the same time period, just within 7 days.

I have a problem with that and have a grave concern that there’s gonna  be a whole lot of children that are gonna be killed from these shots and now have federal health agencies like the FDA, the CDC, who obviously, it  appears, doesn’t give a crap about what happens to these children. We’re  just gonna go ahead and experiment on them and see what happens.

Now, I have a problem with that. I got 5 kids and I wouldn’t allow anybody  to inject my kids with an experiment, that is now being published, is  known to cause myocarditis. And if you don’t believe me, you don’t  have to believe me. Go talk to Peter McCullough. The most authored,  published cardiologist in history, go ask him his concerns about heart  disease and these mRNA vaccines. He’s got the same concerns around  the safety around these shots, and he doesn’t believe they’re safe from  all the data he’s seen. And he’s an epidemiologist, that means he studies  the effects of infections that are actually affecting millions of people  around the world. That’s what his job is. He’s been doing that for like 30  years, working directly with the NIH and he has concerns.

So that October 26, 2021 date was the most upsetting to me, ‘cause that’s when the FDA said, “We’re gonna  extend the Emergency Use Authorization of these shots to all 5 to 11-year-old children. And they just chose Pfizer  as the only shot, which is an mRNA shot. I actually didn’t know I could get more upset than I was since May of  2020.

I didn’t realize just how grand and how evil this murderous plot was, to actually injure, maim, disease and kill  innocent Americans and humans around the world. And people have nonstop told me, “I cannot believe you. I  can’t- I cannot believe how great it’s been to have you convey information. You have made a dramatic impact on  saving lives around America and around the world.” But I will leave events and they’ll go, “You’re a great American  Dr. Ardis.” And I’ll go, “No, I’m not.” That’s not how I see this. I’m trying to save every human being on the planet  and never have I considered myself a humanitarian, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Someone’s got  to defend the innocent, who are absolutely being taken advantage of, being lied to, being misguided. And then  being maimed and killed with these drug treatments for COVID-19 in hospitals. Now with these vaccines being  actually promoted to you as the cure to stop this pandemic, which they are not even designed to do. So, yeah. I  have a problem with everyone being lied to. “

If you go to you can get free access to a fascinating video series as well! The series includes, ” Restoring Health Post-Vax – Expert Healing and Recovery Advice”.
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