Battle for Azovstal.

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One Response to “Battle for Azovstal.”

  1. Aldous says:

    Is it really 4th May already? Crikey! Having said that, wifey asked me what year it was yesterday! I looked at her aghast but she is losing the plot somewhat. She’s lovely really. We’ve been wed for over 60 years – a few of them good.

    Anyway, we were watching a superb but obscure Cold War movie ‘The Bedford Incident’ (1965) which somehow reminded me of the troubling times we are now living through.

    The US ship’s captain (Richard Widmark) has intimidated the Fire Control Officer (Danno from Hawaii-5-0) to the point that he is a hopeless nervous wreck.

    “If he fires one, I’ll fire one.” “Fire one!” 1:46 (includes comments)

    Fire One! 5:14