Three crews rushed to a Yorkshire airport this afternoon following a “distress” call from the pilot as a light aircraft came in to land.
Leeds East Airport in Church Fenton© Google Leeds East Airport in Church FentonCrews from Tadcaster, Selby and Acomb attended Leeds East Airport, which is in North Yorkshire, as the four-seater Seneca 3 circled the skies when its landing gear wouldn’t deploy. The aircraft then experienced an engine failure before thankfully coming to a safe landing with neither of the occupants harmed.A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “Tadcaster, Selby and Acomb fire crews responded to a reported aircraft with two persons, in distress with landing gear that wouldn’t deploy coming in to land at Leeds East airport, Church Fenton.

“Plane landed safely as warning light believed defective. No persons harmed.”

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They added: “Aircraft was a 4 seater Seneca 3 with two persons on board. The undercarriage wouldn’t deploy initially.

“After circling, the wheels came down, but then one of the engines failed. Luckily, the crew had practised one engine landings earlier that day and with some skill, were able to land safely.

“Fire crew used a thermal camera to check aircraft. No persons harmed.

“The pilot did very well.”

Leeds East Airport is an airport and former Royal Air Force station located 4.3 miles from Tadcaster and 6.3 miles from Selby.

Plane declares emergency above Yorkshire as ‘landing gear and engine fails’ (


April 13th The Russian flagship Moskva catches fire in The Black Sea, and sinks with significant loss of life.  The fire had an unknown cause.

April 13th Russia issues ultimatum to USA and Britain to stop supplying weapons and sending forces to Ukraine to attack Russian armed forces, or there could be ‘unintended consequences’.

April 14th the ultimatum is flat rejected by US (Washington Post) saying ‘we are guilty as charged’.

April 14th UK rejected Russian offer to desist saying there are SAS alongside Ukrainian troops in Ukraine.

April 14th The RAF munitions store at Welford explodes closing the M4 motorway in both directions.

April 14th A load explosion is heard across Powys and North Shropshire, a fireball seen in the sky and the sound of a plane travelling over Mach 1.  This was reported in Powys Times and Shropshire Star as a meteor strike.  The possibility is of a slowing missile approaching its target being shot down.

Many unexplained fires start across Russia with unknown cause.

Many aircraft flying near the UK and across the UK report loss of control of their flight.