America’s diesel supply on verge of collapse


One Response to “America’s diesel supply on verge of collapse”

  1. ian says:

    Yep, it’s getting serious. The US has been on the cards for a massive hit, but our turn will come. In Aus’ they’re not allowing them to grow food. They won’t kick off big time till the winter, but they control the weather in some ways, so look for a nasty winter where they attack. Those with 5 jabs and digital ID will likely get food but not the rabid antivaxxer whacko conspiracy theorists. I’m getting pissed off now. My next door neighbours, are not ideal neighbours. Loud from dawn to bedtime, an endless supply of leather footballs to trash my garden, I like organic veg gardening. Three cocky primary school kids who get treated as adults and have no manners, etc etc. Him mother was in the garden with the kids last night, she’s loud. I was feeding my ferrets, which she watched carefully, then because it’s breeding time, they want out. She asked so I explained that it was breeding time. Oh we all know what that’s like she said wink wink, etc. I’m going for my fourth jag she said, have you had yours etc etc. I’d had enough by then. I said “, Look Linda, I’ve had no jags since I was at school, neither has Jinty, (my wife), and I’m not intending to get any. “. I then pointed out that millions have never had the jab.

    Things went a bit quiet, and I’ll probably get a wide berth from now on.