Alex Christoforou: Ideologues in Action

Elensky still telling troops they are winning.

As the war narrative implodes on the MSM, Guardian desperate to find an explanation declares it is all Trumps fault.

EU ideologues:end justifies the means as they pursue their Green New Deal and The Great Reset agenda; Ursula van der Leyden convinced that not buying Russian oil will harm Russia.

Greek shipowners will  launder oil instead of money to get around EU policy.


One Response to “Alex Christoforou: Ideologues in Action”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Hilarious listening! Ursula Van Der Crazy is really unhinged. The Russians must be highly amused if not a little tired of dealing with people of such low intelligence. The oil laundry will be massive! That said wind power from Scotland will be massive if current plans come to fruition. Maybe four times the total UK electricity demand will come online. As always the problem with renewable energy is battery technology. The best way to get rid of new supply of oil and gas would be carbon capture from coal, and mix that with hydrogen created using electrolysis. The methanol resulting would be incredibly cheap to manufacture. Carbon capture at the time of combustion of the coal is highly effective. Yet such a process would never be permitted. Brilliant analysis from Alexander and Alex.