If this treaty is ratified as planned in May 2024 the next scamdemic will shortly follow as surely and as swiftly as night follows day

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Bernie's Tweets @BernieSpofforth. 20h The WHO Pandemic Treaty ensures they alone have total control over sovereign nations response to diseases. Superseding the Constitutions & laws of 194 countries, taking decisions away from sovereign nations. The UK has already committed to signing it. gov.uk No government can address the threat of pandemics alone must come together we"
Does anyone remember Sage’s prediction of 6000 deaths a day in January if lockdown restrictions weren’t reintroduced with immediate effect ?
It didn’t happen of course, like all of their predictions it proved to be wildly pessimistic nonsence.
However when SPI-M-O ( who produce the models for sage ) were challenged as to why they had got it so badly wrong every single time, the defence was that they only ever modelled the scenarios they were requested to model.
So in other words while the government knew full well that other far less pessimistic scenarios existed all, they were only ever interested in presenting the worst possible case to the public.
Simply because they knew worst case scenarios would produce maximum fear & compliance, while justifying the actions they intended to take.
Even Bill Gates now admits the whole thing was hugely overblown, recently stating that covid was like the flu, but a bit different & mostly only effecting the elderly.
Gates was lying through his teeth though when he claimed that they didn’t know the fatality rate was low, they knew this all along.
As far back as March 2020 doctors where beaking ranks to announce it , social media was full of it.
My own posts and thousands of others were announcing it daily, so if we knew how could Gates and co not have known ?
They knew, and instead of acting accordingly, they and their puppets in government & the MSM launched a huge relentless fear based propaganda campaign, fully intended to scare the public as much as possible.
The results of this can be seen even now, with some people still wearing face masks in public, and all for a flu equivalent.
With all of the puppets reading from the same script we next saw unprecedented amounts of censorship on all available types of media.
Nothing and nobody, no matter how well qualified.or informed was allowed to publicly challenge the official story.
The controlled opposition as with all elite pushed scams fell within a very limited & predefined scope, only ever being permitted to claim that measures didn’t go far enough.
Labour did not put up a single piece of meaningful opposition to anything covid related throughout the entirity of the last few years. Like the whole of the corporate MSM they did not ask a single challenging question.
From the start everything possible was done to fudge the figures, to maximise case & death statistics which were then incessantly broadcast to the public.
Cases were generated by testing ever increasing numbers of people as frequently as possible, with a test which they knew full well was not fit for purpose.
A test deliberately conducted at fraudulently high cycle thresholds, this despite the inventer of the pcr technology stating that it was never intended as a diagnostic tool, because with sufficent amplification cycles you can find anything in anybody.
Daily testing of large numbers of people, with a test not fit for pupose, inevitably resulted in many many people who were perfectly healthy recieving positive results.
From this sprang the myth of asymptomatic transmission (something else never proven outside of a computer model), which was then used as justification for all of the restrictions imposed.
The manipulation of death statistics was even more blatant, with a death for any reason whatsoever within 28 ( or in some cases 60) days of a positive test result being classified as a covid death.
Now questionable treatment protocals did no doubt contribute to the death statistics, including premature ventilatation, sedation by midazolam a respiratory suppressant, & treatment with remdesivir which can cause multiple organ failure.
While in addition to this elderly people suddenly evicted from hospitals into carehomes were placed on end of life pathways & issued with DNRs, while all normal medication was suspended.
But despite all of the skullduggery and fudging of figures the over all age standardised mortality rates for 2020 were pretty average when compared to the last 30 years.
The scam then continued with the rollout of the snake oil in December 2020.
No sooner were the first few shots in peoples arms than hey presto, several new & convenient variants miraculously appeared.
Strange when there had been no mention of any variants prior to the jab rollout, well apart from on social media that is where pretty much every conspiracy theorist had predicted it for months.
Of course new variants had to appear, the scam had to go on.
They had initially requested the emergency powers under the coronas virus act for two years because the whole charade was always planned to continue for two years.
Two years during which the maximum number of jabs had to be administered, boosting nothing but the profits of the big pharmaceutical companies.
Two years in which maximum possible damage was to be inflicted on the economy and small independant businesses, resulting in an unprecedented transfer of wealth in favour of the one percent.
The symptoms of covid also grew following the snake oil rollout, to conveniently include things such as heart attacks, strokes and pretty much any other side effect that the snake oil had long been predicted to cause.
Then with the two years on the corona virus act almost up, covid (officially at least) just happened to mutate into a mild variant, and finally vacated center stage.
The timing was very fortunate, because after all the masses could hardly be expected to stand with Ukraine while still cowering in their homes petrified of covid now could they.
So now, after no deadly new variants have been seen for months, restrictions have mostly gone and things are pretty much back to normal, why the recap, why does any of this matter ?
Well the recap is to remind people of enormity of the scam, and it matters for one because they shouldn’t get away with it and for two because of the proposed pandemic treaty.
You may be forgiven if you have yet to hear of it, it is purposely being given little or no coverage in the MSM for obvious reasons.
In a nutshell this pandemic treaty which 194 nations including Britain are preparing to sign, means that in the event of another pandemic being declared, the response of these nations to the alleged pandemic will be dictated to their governments by the WHO.
Right so who is responsible for declaring a pandemic, who has this authority ?
Ahh that will be the WHO.
Yes that’s the same WHO that has already altered the criteria defining a pandemic several times, lowering it on each occassion to suit.
Oh and that’s the same WHO that was accused of faking the swine flu pandemic in 2009, to justify a mass vaccination roll out at the behest of big pharma… Hmmmm
So if this treaty becomes a reality the WHO, a completely unelected body, can at anytime declare a pandemic, the terms of this treaty requiring no evidence whatsoever, effectively awarding itself authority over all signatory nations.
So who controls and influences the WHO ?
Well unsuprisingly big pharma for one, along with the CCP, and of course mr vaccine himself Bill Gates, Bills foundation the BMGF contributes more to the WHO than most nations.
The CCP have been responsible for some of the most brutal covid lockdowns, notably in Shanghai, with starving people locked in their homes while the pets of those supposedly suspected of having covid were routinely & brutally killed.
The WHO is by the way on record openly expressing its admiration for the Chinese “response” to this so called pandemic, so its very clear what form future WHO directed responses are likely to take.
Does anyone want the CCP having any influence over policy in the UK ? Did anyone vote to give this authority to the WHO at the last election, was this part of any party manifesto ?
The WHO wasn’t founded for the good of mankind it was estabished to monopolise the global health market, this a blatant step in that direction.
Likewise the UN was not founded to ensure world peace, thats just the guff they used to sell it to an unsuspecting & war weary public following WW2, it was always intended as a step towards global governance, nothing more.
How long before equivalent bodies regarding the alleged climate crisis, food supplies & resources are also given authority over our elected national goverments ?
How convenient for a cabal of globalist billionaires hell bent on eventual global governance that the world just happens (at least according to their puppets) to be currently facing several global problems, all of which require global solutions.
Solutions that always seem to require increased legislation, increased taxation, rising prices and lower standards of living for all, all except those few that propose them of course.
This scamdemic treaty is yet another step towards a one world govenment, where unelected globalist bodies will dictate policies to nations, effectively turning elected national governments into nothing more than mid level management.
This middle management has learnt from its mistakes over the last few years though, hence the recent Police Crime and Courts bill which going forwards effectively removes the right to any kind of meaningful protest.
Then we have the online harms bill which takes censorship to a whole new level, were content considered harmful even if completely legal must be taken down, with no right to appeal.
So who decides what’s harmful or not ? Well state appointed bodies of course. Imagine trying to expose and oppose the next fake pandemic.
Now obviously they would not be introducing these bills if they did not think they would need them, and they would not be planning this pandemic treaty if they did not intend to use it.
This is no conspiracy theory it is happening right now, aided and abetted by Boris and the rest of the treasonous puppets, who will no doubt be handsomly rewarded when they leave office.
If this treaty is ratified as planned in May 2024 the next scamdemic will shortly follow as surely and as swiftly as night follows day.
It is far from over and its beyond time more people recognised the danger. The answer remains the same, total non compliance.

One Response to “If this treaty is ratified as planned in May 2024 the next scamdemic will shortly follow as surely and as swiftly as night follows day”

  1. Gordon says:

    Well, I must say that was very well stated and must add that following on the heels of the WHO Pandemic Treaty is the WEF Climate Change Treaty.

    Michele Bachman video has an excellent take on the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

    But my own thoughts are that the British people wanted a clown in number ten and it’s a clown they got who is nothing more than a yes-man to corporations who serve their own interests and not that of the people of the country.