Yet another suspicious fire at a Russian airfield north of Vladivostok. Space direct energy weaponry?

The daily fire outbreak has happened again – in the far East of Russia this time thousands of miles from Ukraine.  These fires seem to happen anywhere and could have numerous causes, but there might be another factor which is not yet being talked of by media – the use of a space direct energy beam weapon.

The Moskva could have been hit by such a device.  The Military Science Institute in Moscow.  Briansk.  Belgorod.  Now Vladivistok area – the far side of Russia.   NATO leaves a trail of other weaponry to confuse analysts – such as drones, helicopters, missiles, aircraft and so on.  But these fires are instant and massive.   I doubt they have anything near Vladivostok, which is near North Korea.

If there is a space directed energy weapon in use, how can Russia get to deal with it?  Will the S-500 have anti space weapon capability?  Has Chine got anything to offer?  The war in Ukraine is going Russia’s way thank fully, but the endless fires will grind Russia down eventually if there is no way found to deal with them.

The Vladivistok airfield fire report comes right at the end at 29 minutes.


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