9 Responses to “WORLD PREMIERE: WATCH THE WATER – Dr Ardis”

  1. Weaver says:

    “It may be worse; Everyone “vaccinated” has a Media Access Control MAC number assigned to them. Whoever is on the other side of that nano router connection can remotely produce venom or produce insulin. Acceptance to bank accounts or block accounts. Access to venues or restrictions. All depending on your cooperation. Take the “Bluetooth Challenge” and see for yourself.”

    • David 2 says:

      I wrote an article about corporations being an artificial creation. They have no soul and therefore, no empathy with the principles of life. In the article I pointed out that the World Economic Forum is the head of this soulless serpent.

      Perhaps I should have said venomous serpent.

      Technology has been used to speed up the apocalypse ie. pestilence, war, famine and death.

      The plan is to end Homo sapiens and create a small trans-human race based on artificial intelligence.

      My view is that the majority of the people in America are God fearing and they may just avoid total armageddon. Dr McCullough in an interview with Maria Zee indicated that if the Republicans get into power, he probably will be offered the position of Surgeon General.

      Though I suspect that he would be assassinated before he could take up the post.

  2. Weaver says:

    Search for a Snakebite Drug Might Lead to a COVID Treatment, Too
    What a coincidence

  3. danceaway says:

    Clif High shares his opinion with us;

    Watch the Water
    Someone may be pissing in it upstream of you…

    clif high
    Apr 12

    The Watch The Water “documentary” is being passed around the net like a blunt at a Rastafarian dinner party.

    Blunts are good. This ‘documentary’ is not good. In my opinion.

    The principal player in this “documentary” is a Dr. Byron Ardis, who is a chiropractor and acupuncturist. This is a problem as the Doctor is touted as a medical doctor and practitioner, yet is not. So there is a presumed layer of ‘credentialism’ on this presentation from the start. The interview does not examine the education (not schooling) that Ardis undertook to be able to make these conclusions. There is no real background on any of the science behind any of the conclusions provided.

    Propaganda! was my first impression of this video. The sound track, and the production values reinforced that idea. This movie was NOT made to simply present facts, or an opinion. It was made to SELL an opinion.

    To what end? Why do they want to push this view? There is no science provided, just pointers to presumed social engineering and plays for emotionalism based on the viewers’ perspective on current events. In this, it would seem that this effort has been to target a specific demographic of people. Thus the tentative conclusion is that the producers of this video are working an agenda.

    Yes, Remdesivir is a shit drug with a tainted history & not good results. Yes, the hospital protocols are killing people. This was known. The video sheds NO new light on any of this, but rather uses these as hooks for engagement with the rest of the material presented which is ALL about snakes & snake venom. All this material is based on assertions, not evidence, that Ardis makes as claims. He provides no evidence, but rather states his conclusions made with medical jargon laden descriptions, none of which are backed up, merely asserted as factual.

    Mushrooms and venom of all kinds are two of THE MOST STUDIED biochemical compounds on the planet as they are also THE most reactive within human biochemistry. So it is natural that one may find either, or both, medicinal mushrooms, or venom, employed in almost ANY given medical procedure. There are quite actually THOUSANDS of medical treatments based on venom peptides. As far back as 2200 years ago, the Yellow Emperor’s Medicinal Compendium from China notes the effectiveness of dried venom from snakes as well as snails and sea creatures for medicinal use.


    Pick almost ANY medical condition, research into the approaches by all of medicine practitioners going back in time, and you will run into Snakes. Yep, sure and certain. There is a snake down there somewhere.

    Ardis doesn’t bring any of this up. Maybe it is because, as a chiropractor, he is basically ignorant of medicinal history. Or maybe he wanted to present this information as though it was ALL targeted to covid. Maybe his goal is to push the idea that ALL the snake stuff was JUST for covid. Maybe he & the video want to use your lack of knowledge about how wide spread venom is within biochemical processes for developing medicines in order to slant the information to present a specific agenda. Maybe?

    Maybe it is all clickbait at some level. Maybe the whole agenda behind the video is to warp the understanding of a particular segment of the population in order to further the policy agenda evident in covid. The Deep State does this you know. They deliberately pollute the information stream of the opposition in order to come back later to harvest confusion and sew doubt. It is a tactic in information wars.

    It would be interesting to view a body language break-down of this video. There is disharmony being expressed between the words, and the face/gestures. This disharmony further degrades confidence in the presentation.

    IMO this video is SO much a propaganda piece, that it begs the question of Who is trying to sell What to Whom and for What tactical reason?

    One last point. Venom is highly reactive. This basically means that there are parts of all enzymes that will want to bond with elements (usually oxygen, but also chlorine and others) that will reduce its electrical potential. That is to say, make it more ‘relaxed’ and far less reactive. Thus the idea of dumping any venom, snake or other critter, into a water system is silly. Venom would encounter vast amounts of oxygen, chlorine and all the other chemicals currently polluting the planet. It would be very very unlikely that the venom would survive in a reactive state that would be able to injure your body. And, if the venom was made into a more water stable product, by that very process, it would no longer be reactive enough to cause harm.

  4. David 2 says:

    Danceaway, I am confused. Is this your synopsis or Clif High?

    I found the interview to be slightly disjointed. However the use of venom and the prohibition of treatments are clearly plausible. The symbolism of a serpent or snake also left a strong resonance.

    In my opinion more people like Dr Ardis are needed to highlight the evil of occult forces, that want to end Homo sapiens.

    If he manages to wake a few more people up, then I salute his bravery. If he is in fact correct, then I salute his bravery.

    I do not think Dr Ardis is paid misinformation, he was the first person to correctly point out Remdesivir as a fatal drug. That is hardly misinformation. He could well be correct in his conclusion about snake venom and he deserves the benefit of raising the question. No matter what the toxins used, they are clearly diabolical.

  5. danceaway says:

    “Clif High shares his opinion with us;

    Watch the Water
    Someone may be pissing in it upstream of you…

    clif high
    Apr 12”

    Sorry David, as that was at the top I thought it was clear that it is Clif speaking, not me!!

    • David 2 says:

      More likely that Clif High is Jewish and also self promoting, controlled opposition. Why is he raising this, if not to muddy the water?

      Clif has a good following, he makes a lot of statements and is reading tea leaves about a future based on some computer program that he admits does not work due to internet censorship. He likes to distract and waffle about space aliens, Donald Trump as the savior, Kazarian Jews and such like.

      I listen to Clif to see if there is something to learn. To quote Galileo “I never met a man so stupid, that I could not learn something from him’

      I would take the medical word of Dr Ardis above Clif High all day and every day.

  6. stevie k says:

    Interesting video, a lot to think about. One thing that struck me was when he said it could be referred to as the “Pope’s Venom”… I immediately thought of the Pope’s Audience Hall which is built in the shape of a snake’s head. Was the Vatican telling us something?