World Bank Suggests Banning Motor Vehicles





Apr 25, 2022
Climate economist Baron Nicholas Stern, an influential British elite, spoke at the World Bank’s “Financing Climate Action” summit on Apr. 21 where he made his Draconian anti-human proposal.

The World Bank is suggesting an end to the sale of motor vehicles in the latest psychotically authoritarian “Great Reset” scheme from the globalist elite.

Climate economist Baron Nicholas Stern, an influential British elite, spoke at the World Bank’s “Financing Climate Action” summit on Apr. 21 where he made his Draconian anti-human proposal.

“The right kind of policies have to be put in place, including the abolition of fossil fuel subsidies, the advancement of carbon pricing, but clarity on timescales for decentralization of the grid, clarity on timescales for stopping the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles, and so on—making sure the sense of direction is clear in those ways,” said Stern, who worked as the World Bank’s top economist from 2000 through 2003.

Big League Politics has reported extensively on the Great Reset agenda to destroy freedom for humanity under the guise of helping the environment:

The attacks on the family, middle class wealth and small business are not isolated. They are
part of a coordinated attack to loot Americans, peonizing us and relegating us to a life of
serfdom. They call it The Great Reset.

Despite the fact that we’re assured — what else? — fact checkers and experts have debunked
this wild conspiracy theory, there is little doubt that the World Economic Forum, a powerful Soros-linked transnational NGO, is pushing for a radical realignment of the American economy.

But don’t take my word for it, they say it themselves: “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” This, of course, raises the obvious question of who is going to be doing the owning in this future utopia-by-Amazon.

The answer boils down to “not you.” Rallying cries about Big Government can be a bit anachronistic when discussing the Great Reset, which will use not the Eternal Science of Marxism-Leninism as its lodestone, but good, old-fashioned crony capitalism and gangster finance.

A small example of how it’s playing out before our very eyes: Blackrock is a venture capital firm currently paying outrageous prices for suburban family homes. They’re not buying the homes to flip them. Rather, for Blackrock, these are attractive rental investments. So while they might pay 150 over market today, they’re big enough that they can take the hit up front and recoup the loss later.

And anyway, it’s not like it’s their money: The Federal Reserve drives such schemes with its free money for we but not for thee philosophy, whereby it prints endless dollars for such speculatory financial instruments. It’s not quite the same as the government sending you a check every month to hit the local Indian casino, but it’s not too far off, either.

The implications of such a radical transformation of the American economy and way of life go beyond simply not having cherished memories of a single-family home, owned outright or with the bank. What you rent, you do not own and what you do not own comes with terms and conditions. Blackrock holds seminars on Critical Race Theory for its employees… do you trust them deciding whether or not you get to stay in your home?

All of the worst conspiracy theories are coming to fruition. The World Bank is an evil institution and they are joined by the IMF, NATO, United Nations and other organizations that are agitating for a satanic New World Order.



One Response to “World Bank Suggests Banning Motor Vehicles”

  1. Gordon says:

    It’s one thing stating that all vehicles are to be replaced by electric vehicles but show me then how they propose to replace a tractor pulling a plough or a combine cutting and threshing at the same time. Such stress loads on any battery would have it fried in no time.

    Regarding their global warming. This little dot . = Earth while this O = Sun.
    . O
    Where do you think global warming is coming from.

    It’s the sun that controls our climate and weather and though the elite would have you believe the falsehood that you’re the cause of climate change the truth is there are changes occurring in the sun which we are not being told about which are the true cause of our seasons and weather becoming more topsy-turvy with extremes in diverse places.