Will Russia target British weapons trainers in Kiev?

British commandos return to Ukraine – The Times

British special forces are in Kiev teaching troops how to use UK-supplied anti-tank weapons, according to The Times
British commandos return to Ukraine – The Times

British SAS troops have trained Ukrainian forces for the first time since the Russian military offensive began, in February, Ukrainian commanders told The Times on Friday.

Instructors from the UK were previously withdrawn from the country, two months ago, when NATO member states were expecting a Russian assault.

The British have now returned to teach locals how to use NLAWs, UK-supplied shoulder-fired anti-tank missile launchers, the paper explained, citing Captain Yury Mironenko and two other Ukrainian commanders, identified only by their nicknames.

The units which received the training are stationed around the capital, Kiev, the report revealed.


TAP – I wouldn’t train for this around Kiev…….You need to make a loud noise and be away from populations…I think it will be somewhere else, don’t you!  Either way, I am sure the Russians would be happy to drop a convenient missile in on a training session.  The Russians have made it clear they regard all outside assistance to Kiev as a legitimate target.