What weapon is NATO using to set ships, buildings, industrial plants and forests on fire across Russia?

The news coverage of Russian attacks on Britain reminds you of the doodlebug era in WW2 (I am a bit too young to have been there!) when there were a series of gas explosions reported in London to stop people panicking about the first rocketry missiles – the Germans’ V2, which followed the V1. Here we are again in exactly the same situation – nearly eighty years later with a much more powerful and accurate missile strike reported as a fireworks depot blowing up to prevent a propaganda coup for the Russians for blowing up RAF Welford. It was reported as hitting four miles away from the actual strike.

The report of a meteor strike in Shropshire seems to be something similar – but maybe this time the missile was either shot down or the strike deflected to the countryside away from its intended target, which could possibly have been Britain’s artillery depot at Donnington in Telford. The V2s were deflected by reporting the fall locations through ‘agents’ incorrectly so the Germans dropped them short of Central London. See R.V.Jones – Most Secret War. Who knows how the British war scientists are deflecting the latest Russian missile, or planning to deal with Russian hypersonic missiles which can travel at up to 20,000 mph.

As to what’s causing the fires in Russia – which include several forest fires, you wonder if this could be a space weapon of some kind, similar to the weather weapon which can direct energy to cause earthquakes inter alia, an application of HAARP. There is certainly a secret war going on in addition to the more conventional one in Ukraine and elsewhere.

NATO is possibly using the HAARP/space energy weaponry to set ships on fire, buildings, forests and industrial sites. How can Russia deal with the threat? Maybe those scientists killed in the fire at the Military Scientific Institute were working on a solution. It’s above and beyond anything I know about.


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  1. danceaway says:

    Northern California has been a success story for those practicing with their DEW weaponry; forests set on fire, towns destroyed. Perhaps they are looking to expand to new targets? Someone needs to set these monsters back on their heels; they are utterly out of control.