3 Responses to “Weather Warfare is real in order for the New World Order to control and starve us”

  1. ian says:

    100% agree with the guy. While you might think that you’re getting good weather, it’s possible that someone else is getting all your rain. I have a feeling that we’ll get to sample their techniques this growing season in the northern hemisphere.

  2. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    I can attest to this. I used to dismiss it as I didn’t know how or why they would do it and I wasn’t doubtful enough to investigate. Then the scamdemic came and I was awoken to the true nature of the globalist so-called elites who own and rule this world. I then no longer doubted that they could and would do anything and everything to further their supremacist and anti-human agenda and therefore opened my mind to so-called conspiracy theories and began examining the ones that seemed plausible. As for this topic, I found that they do indeed have the ability to do it (patented weather altering tech exists as far back as a century ago) and they have even done so in warefare as far back as the Vietnam war. I also investigated the chemtrails claims, which I previously dismissed as just jet engine contrails. I found that there’s both ample evidence of skies being filled with way too much trailing to possibly be from airliners and other jet airplanes and also that modern jet engines rarely even give off visible contrails. When they do, they dissipate quickly, unlike chemtrails which remain for many minutes or more.

    There is even admission from a former CIA director that geoengineering is real, at least what seems like a thinly veiled admission about the “benefits” of aerosol spraying to affect the climate.”

    So they are seeding the skies with aerosol spraying while not informing the public about it. If it it had good intentions, they’d tell us, no? (Not that I’d believe they have good intentions with anything they do.) So the rational conclusion, even just at face value, would be that they’re acting maliciously.

    There’s also plenty of evidence of the effects of the spraying, with both persistent drought and with rapid and stark weather changes post-spraying.

    I’ve now even experienced it first hand as a week or so ago, the skies of my fairly small home town in the middle of Sweden was filled with large amounts of persistent white trails. They were literally all over the town, stretching for miles and often crisscrossing. The day it happened and a few days before it had been getting warmer (after the unseasonble warmth and then freezing cold of early spring) and it was a sunny and warm day with a clear sky. After the spraying, it has turned much colder. For days and days we’ve now had temperatures around 10 degrees celcius and bitter cold winds. The skies have been filled and are filled with large greying and often low hanging clouds. I have no doubt that the spraying caused it. Some might say it’s coincidental (along with all the other billions of “coincidences” and “mishaps” that would have to have occurred and be occuring for it to be even remotely possible for all the malaise and horror afflicting humanity to be anything but intentional and malicious) but I don’t think i’ve ever experienced such a stark turn in the weather and temperature. Normally, once it starts heating up around april it keeps going that way, with only slight ups and downs.

    The purpose is to, along with the fertilzer shortage they’ve caused, destroy our food supply to enable them to ration food and to force obedience in exchange for food. It’s also meant to realize their goal of putting an end to natural food production and instead having humanity entirely fed on unnatural and unheality substinance like GMOs and heavily processed, un/malnutrious and toxic “foods” like fake meat and other “foods” filled with toxic chemicals and full of sugar and or salt and toxic “vegetable” oils like canola and with little to no nutritional value. As well having us eat bugs (as the UN has told us for year that we will.)

  3. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    ‘Tinfoil Hat’ Folks Get the Last Laugh: Former CIA Chief Brennan Lauded Chemtrails in CFR Speech https://www.winterwatch.net/2021/01/tin-foil-hat-folks-get-the-last-laugh-cia-director-lauds-chemtrails-in-council-speech/