We know what will be in the next series of this bloody show…from Igori in Moscow

White Helmets and reactor, or White Helmets and a chemical disaster, or a new downed plane…. the choice for a new bloody series according to the scenario of the West and NATO is huge.
Experience of such shows in Syria, Iraq, Serbia/Kosovo is extensive. And yes! Ukraine needs more weapons! Tanks, ballistic missiles, aircraft… And lies! Outright lies in the western media! They must surpass Goebbels! Absolutely!  But the West must understand that all this verbiage does not hide the reality, a reality that this is not a local war, but a war between the US and NATO against Russia.
Justy as the sanctions are not directed against  147 million ordinary people.
We do not believe the deceitful groans of the oligarchs and crooks and empty chatter of the West about the persecution of the oligarchs.
It”s all “white noise”.
An example of this is Yakunin, the ex-former head of Russian railways, who lives quietly somewhere in Germany or somewhere else. The reality will not be arrested, but confiscated and transferred to the Renaissance Fund of Russia money, property, companies and other assets. Withdrawal of passports, deprivation of citizenship and deportation to Russia without exception all oligarchs, crooks and thieves, including Khodorkovsky, Nevzlin etc.   However, this will not happen because the interests of the West, international corporations lie in the same area with oligarchs and against our country and people.
I hope you know the rule : The money lies in one place; they just change owners.
So, who will receive everything stolen from our country and people? Exactly!
West and international corporations.
Money will simply change hands.
Another one is the rule formulated by Valery Lobanovsky, the great Soviet  football coach : The game is forgotten and the result remains in history!
Zelenskiy. On the left  of the video. The real role of this stand up comedian. This is all that you need to know.
He is good as an actor for western audiences. But he is just an comedian who played the piano with a dick for the amusement of the public, and now plays a terrible macho role for which tens of thousands of lives, millions of refugees, torture and murderof captured Russian soldiers, destroyed cities,dirty productions of massacres and rocket attacks on civilians( Kramatorsk)…. Truly he is a creature of darkness… Kolomoisky, who created and paid for the first Nazi battalions, who also created this demon. And the west puts him on a pedestal and applauds him!  But we know who writes scripts and lyrics for his demonics show, who prompts him and who puts death in his hands. We know on whose hands the blood of Russians and Ukranians! Zelensky is just a comedian playing the piano with a dick..
Give him an Oscar! First Bloody Oscar!.