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War between Russia and NATO starts to show as the reality.

Medvedchuk’s wife, a famous actress, is calling on Boris Johnson to trade Medvedchuk for Adrian Aslin.  She tried Erdogan first.  Zelensky is seen only as a puppet, a bit player, an actor.  The rest is being managed by NATO.  When are they going to admit it?  This is NATO against Russia.  Pretending it’s Russia v Ukraine.  The Times in the UK are admitting British SAS were training Ukraine troops in Ukraine, two weeks ago.

Kathleen Hicks UK deputy sec of defence is saying US is trying to find a way to get Multiple Rocket firing systems (MLRS) to attack Russian airfields.  The Russians are reading this.  NATO wants to hit Russia.  We are moving very fast, she says.  Range of rockets is around 80 kms.  The US military might directly control the equipment as the Ukrainians are not trained in this kind of weapon.  Ukraine is operating under the command of NATO.

Finland close to joining NATO.   Sweden next.

Putin says not many countries have signed up for gas for rubles.  Germans are advising public to think twice before having a hot shower.

Italy’s debt is 2.74 Trillion Euros.  150% of GDP.  A record.

The Neocons want a European collapse – as long as they get a regime change in Russia.

Biden shakes hands in the air, has no idea where he is.  Fighting over Biden and Zelensky.  Everything is pointing to a war between Russia and NATO.

Bit depressing.  Why are we doing this?  Why are we listening to these people?

Alex Christoforou.