US Stunning Reply to Russian Letter: “Guilty As Charged”

I’m writing down his talk. Washington Post article – The Russian Embassy sent note State Dept to stop sending weapons to Ukraine…as it is adding fuel to the conflict and could lead to unpredictable consequences. White House has sent $2.5 billion in weapons that we know of. It sounds like Russia’s final warning before things really escalate. The US has ignored it. Ned Price at State Dept went on CNN, told the world that US will continue pouring weapons into Ukraine, despite it leading to unpredictable consequences. many of these weapons will find their way onto the black market and into the hands of terrorists in the region. Threat level rises in Paris and London etc. If you flood the region with weapons, lot of money is being made. Ukraine Generals are banking loads of cash. US and EU want a prolonged insurgency in Ukraine, while Russia wants a short war. ‘Nothing will dissuade us from the strategy we have decided upon’, says Ned Price. He says ‘we are guilty as charged’.

TAP – You might add that if Russia pulverises Ukraine, most of these weapons will end up in Russian hands.


2 Responses to “US Stunning Reply to Russian Letter: “Guilty As Charged””

  1. Tapestry says:

    Taiwan and China getting hot. Pelosi canceled her trip.

    Germany to spend $2.5 billion on weapons for Ukraine.

    Warning from Russia of false flag in Kharkiv region – Ukrainians to fire missile into busy railway station full of civilians. Very close town to the front line so they can claim it’s a Russian missile – maybe a Tochka – U.

    Hollywood to make a movie about the alleged genocide of the Russians and the ‘heroic’ response of the Ukrainians – Bucha town council says.

    Warning on CNN that Russia will be using a nuclear weapon – William Burns (CIA Director) speaking at Georgia Tech saying Russia losing so badly in Ukraine will have no option but to use nuclear weaponry also being stated by Zelensky, on CNN when interviewed. Don’t be afraid but be ready, says the clown puppet leader. Hollywood is taking over the Ukrainian operation. The West is winning the soft war – the propaganda war and they’re doubling down on their advantage.

    Never record inside as music can be a problem (copyright issues?)

  2. nixon scraypes says:

    The West will always win the propaganda war….in the West; they own the media. Imagine what people felt who knew what was really going on before WW2 – helpless and probably threatened.