US peace campaigner Thaddeus Russell interviews military analyst Scott Ritter

Question Number One.

Who is winning this war?

Putin is well described by Scott.  He plans every detail before making moves.  He tells the US/UK what he’s going to do if we don’t negotiate.  Then he does it.

Scott has a great command of the history aspect of the Russian story since the end of the Soviet era.  The West saw Russia as a defeated nation.  Putin never accepted that label.

The man who exposed the lie of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Scott Ritter, joined me to discuss the war in Ukraine, NATO expansion, the personality and politics of Vladimir Putin, and what he sees as the last battle to destroy Nazism.

Interesting on marine le Pen, who will wreck NATO.  NATO being the biggest threat to Europe.

ADVERT – describes how people can still legally manufacture firearms at home.