Ukraine’s not facing up to its own war crimes. Russian POWs don’t stand a chance.

The Ukrainians actions are not being reported in the BBC.  They are recorded by the Ukrainians themselves and put online.

Russia wants to keep the members of the AFU and reprogramme them.  The Nationalists who are committing war crimes as above will be brought to justice.

Here’s something more bearable to look at.

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One Response to “Ukraine’s not facing up to its own war crimes. Russian POWs don’t stand a chance.”

  1. Aldous says:

    “Malingering swine!”
    President Zelensky and Mr Bean lookalike – who had never seen a day’s military service in his life – walked down the field hospital ward tearing bandages off seriously injured soldiers despite protests from doctors, nurses and medical staff.
    “You deserve to be liquidated the lot of you! But I’m not a cruel man! I leave that sort of thing to my Nazi compatriots!”
    Zelensky pulled hard at his cigarette and blew a stream of smoke slowly through his hook-nosed nostrils.
    “You bastards lie there pretending to be ill while Comrades Biden and Johnson are fighting for the New and Jew World Order!”
    “But Mr Bean, I mean Mr President, I have a left lung wound.”
    “Use the right one!” screamed Zelensky.