Ukraine running out ‘fast’ of armoured weaponry

China does a deal in the Solomon Islands which is troubling Australia, yet events in Ukraine are dominating the headlines.  India is being very supportive of Russia after UK/US provide nuclear submarine technology to Australia.

The allegations from Ukraine of Russian war crimes in Kyiv area seem unproven.

Russian allegations of prisoners being tortured and killed by Ukraine are not being reported in the West.

Video evidence can be seen on –

According to the Ukrainian media reports, civilians were shot dead by Russian servicemen when running out of the town. This likely should be a reason why the corpses are laying all together.

In the video, one can see:

  • all the dead are lying face down;
  • people lie mixed up, a body with demonstratively tied hands is seen next to the dead without tied hands, someone is laying next to a bicycle, a few meters away there are bodies with white armbands (sign for civilians in the areas under the Russian control);
  • there almost no blood near the dead who were allegedly shot dead by Russian servicemen at close range along the road;
  • there are no women and children, only male bodies seen on the video;
  • one of the dead is getting up.

Russian forces left the city on March 30. It took four days to prepare fake shocking reports from Bucha.

NATO advisers said to be trapped in Avostal in Mariupol.  Macron asking Putin to help get these people out – presumably French.  (Unverified and uncorroborated story)

In negotiations, Ukraine is sticking to a hard line over Donbass and Crimea.  No one realistically expects Ukraine to win the battle coming in Donbass.  Some kind of partition likely but the longer Ukraine leaves a settlement, the worse the position will be for Ukraine.

Russia coping well enough with sanctions.  Economy has not collapsed and regime change not a likely prospect.  Washington very angry as is Poland about the failure of sanctions to destabilise Russia.  Not many countries are interested in increasing sanctions pressure.  The idea that sanctions will work needs to be dropped.  In UK and Germany a massive cost of living crisis resulting from sanctions pressure.  Political consequences.  Macron going down in opinion polls against Marie Le Pen as France suffers living standards decline.  Biden’s popularity falling.

Crisis to be expected in Italy and Germany.  Germany should have publicly declared Ukraine would never be a part of NATO.  A gathering political crisis in Europe.  London, Washington and Brussels don’t want such a declaration.

TAP – This just keeps the war going which will lead to the total defeat of Ukraine within another two months, and the supreme victory militarily by Russia.  The surprise of this victory will be totally shocking to the West, and the final settlement will be entirely on Russia’s terms.  By not negotiating the West is digging a bigger and bigger hole as each day goes by.  I am not even sure Russia wants as big a victory as will become inevitable, if the West does not back down over NATO membership for Ukraine.  Ukraine could soon be asking Russia to come in to help Kyiv from starvation and economic collapse without even a shot being fired in that part of the country.  The Russian Army will be in a much stronger position politically and Putin’s opponents in Moscow will be quieted.  As Russell Texas Bentley says, ‘Russians don’t start wars.  They finish them.’  Buy Rubles…..





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