Ukraine gave away its strategic bomber fleet to meet debts. Report of curious Romanian air losses in March.

Ukraine’s former strategic bomber fleet was mostly given away to Russia under an agreement with the USA, including forgiveness of debt to Russia for gas.  Just as well the Ukrainians don’t have all the capabilities still to this day, that they had in Soviet times.

Also how were so many aircraft lost by Romania in March?  Were these unfortunate accidents?  Were the planes shot down in error by Ukraine?  It’s a mystery.  Mark Felton calls them NATO’s first air losses of the Ukraine war, which implies he’s expecting more of the same to follow, and maybe another unspoken thought is in his mind.

Another possibility is that the location of the ‘crashes’ was given incorrectly and the planes were inside Ukraine when they crashed, or were presenting a possible threat to the Russian Navy in The Black Sea.

The full story has yet to come out.  Comments below the video are instructive as to the problems with the aircraft.

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