Ukraine biolabs mostly underground; DOD, Big Pharma collecting Russian blood

Connecting the Dots: Ukraine biolabs mostly
underground; DOD, Big Pharma collecting
Russian blood – Brighteon.TV

by: Roy Green

Take it from someone who was there and saw them all. The biolabs in Ukraine have been there for a long time. And they’re everywhere, mostly underground.

“Well, I’ve known since the mid-90s about the DOD [Department of Defense] and the pharmaceutical companies collecting Russian blood. And clearly, their intent was some kind of genocide,” Dr. Juliette Engel told host Dan Happel during the April 12 edition of “Connecting the Dots” on Brighteon.TV. (Related: EXPOSED: Pentagon planning to use Ukraine biolabs to attack Russia.)

“It’s interesting there. Putin had multiple reasons for coming into Ukraine. And I think part of why he delayed in helping the Donbas [region] was to gather information on the biolabs, because a lot of them are underground,” said Engel, who moved to Moscow in 1990 and founded the Angel Coalition to combat human trafficking, mostly among children.

“They’re understructures, mostly underground, and it went down like several stories. And you don’t just blow that up, it’s full of potential nuclear explosions and contamination. So they could have set off quite a cloud of radioactive material,” added Engel, who was born into a family of intelligence operatives and was sold by her father into the secret Monarch program of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

That could only mean one thing, according to Engel.

“They didn’t [blow them up], and that’s only because they knew exactly how to get in, exactly how to get the material out. So each one of these labs is different. And there are 30 that the Russians are reporting on,” said Engel, a former assistant professor in radiology at the University of Washington.



“And some of them were under schools. One was hidden in the parking garage and a shopping center. So they’re all hidden, each one was different.”

Genetically-directed material near the Russian borders

These biolabs are all designed to create genetically-directed material near the Russian borders.

Engel, who has a network of friends in both Russia and Ukraine, also believes the Russians have captured or killed American personnel in their cleanup operations after the airstrikes.

“And each one that they’ve gone into, they’ve captured American personnel. And I think they did actually kill quite a few American personnel because they’re now kind of gathered in this long steel-reinforced building, where they have moved all of the biological or the active materials, and it’s now under siege by Russia. And they know there’s a lot of American personnel in there.”

That’s why, Engel said, the Russian military made a tactical change in the course of their attacks.

At first, the Russians were shooting down the helicopters sent by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States to get the American and European personnel out of Ukraine. And then they changed strategy: The Russians waited for the helicopters to be filled up before shooting them down for good.

Engel had gathered info that the Russians have found high-level American military personnel in the wreckage.

According to Engel, who was trained in the arts of seduction, physics, Ariosophy, cybernetics and genocide at the Stanford Research Institute when she was a teenager, said such incidents are “all coming off the Russian blogs and there’s probably quite a lot of truth in it. But I can’t say with absolute certainty.”

Russian bloggers, Engel said, are also mentioning that the American personnel are holed up in this one extremely well-enforced bunker.

Unless the Russians declare it, Engel said “we just have to wait and see. We’ll probably never know who they actually find. But they’re there every day. They’re documenting. They’re releasing more and more materials. And anybody can go on to Russian news sites and hit translate and read them.”

To find out the truth about what’s really happening in Ukraine, Engel is advising the people to stop watching the mainstream media, since they’re almost always wrong, and go to the Russian news sites instead. Read what they have to say because they make sense – particularly about the Ukraine biolabs.

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Ukraine biolabs mostly underground; DOD, Big Pharma collecting Russian blood

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