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Ukraine admits it is ‘liquidating’ POWs while faking Russian atrocities near Kyiv



Ukrainian Soldiers Carried Out Execution Of Russian POWs (Photos)

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On April 3, the Ukrainian media exploded with alleged Ukrainian victories in the Kiev region, which was left by Russian forces a few days ago. Various fake videos were made in the region in an attempt to balme Russian soldiers in war crimes. The artificial hysteria supported by unprofessionally staged videos is aimed at “balancing” the numerous reports of war crimes of Ukrainian nazis confirmed by civilians from Mariupol, the Donbass region and other war-torn regions.

On April 3, a new horrifying photo was shared by Ukrainians on the social media. According to the Ukrainian media, it shows the “wounded” Russian soldiers who were left behind by their comrades. That was presented as another victory of the AFU.

However, it is clearly seen that the servicemen are not wounded, but killed. There are also their weapons laying next to the corpses on the ground.

Ukrainian nationalists did not take a long time to reveal the truth. More photos from the spot shared on the social media confirmed that another group of Russian servicemen was executed by the AFU.

Ukrainian Soldiers Carried Out Execution Of Russian POWs (Photos)

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After shocking videos of tortures and murders of Russian prisoners of war (POW) by Ukrainian nationalist militants shocked the international community and undermined the Kiev’s “Western partners” who supported the murders with weapons, Kiev took unprecedented measures. Nazi fighters and “emotional Ukrainian soldiers” were reminded that they are members of the “Ukrainian, ie European Army” and it was prohibited to “share videos of murders of Russian POWs online”, but not to commit crimes!

Earlier on April 1, the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation claimed that Ukraine had informed London that it does not intend to comply with the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War. New cases confirm the fact.