Two Groups Of British Special Air Service Deployed In Lviv, Ukraine – Report

Introduction – April 24, 2022


Ever since the start of the Russian military operation there have been reports of western Special Forces being despatched on active service to Ukraine. In fact days before Russia invaded, some were reportedly sent to train Ukrainian Special Forces how to use anti-tank weapons gifted by London.

Others were deployed in the SAS’s more traditional role to operate behind enemy lines on reconnaissance and sabotage operations.

U.S. Special Forces have also reportedly been deployed in Ukraine.

Make no mistake; the elite want a global depopulation program underway as a top priority. Given the failure of the scamdemic and vaccination program to despatch sufficient numbers fast enough, the powers that be have now decided on war with Russia as the next option.

Spearheading this will be Western Special Forces and the West’s proxies in the Ukrainian armed forces. This is only the beginning and in the coming months I expect to see much wider conflicts erupt in several theatres: in the Ukraine, between Israel and Iran and in the South China Sea. Moreover, I would not be surprised if conflict also spreads to the Baltic region and ultimately to central and western Europe. Ed.

Two Groups Of British Special Air Service Deployed In Lviv, Ukraine – Report

South Front – April 24, 2022

On April 23, the Russian media reported that Great Britain sent about 20 servicemen of the Special Air Service of Britain (SAS) to the Ukrainian Lviv region. British specialists in diversions and guerrilla warfare were reportedly deployed in Brody.

According to the reports citing sources in the Ukrainian armed forces, two groups from the British city (actually the county town) of Hereford, where the SAS headquarters is located, have been transferred to the territory under the control of the 16th separate brigade of the AFU in Brody. Each group contains of about 8-10 servicemen. British specialists should help the Ukrainian special services to organize sabotage in the regions of Ukraine which are under the Russian control.

Earlier, senior international correspondent for the French newspaper Le Figaro, Georges Malbrunot arrived in Ukraine with French volunteer fighters. He also reported, referring to a source in French intelligence, that soldiers of the British SAS and soldiers of the First operational unit of the special Forces “Delta” of the US Army have been deployed on the territory of Ukraine since the very beginning of the Russian special operation.

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3 Responses to “Two Groups Of British Special Air Service Deployed In Lviv, Ukraine – Report”

  1. ian says:

    Interestingly, the intro by I assume Rixon Stewart, matches Albert Pike’s prediction of WW3.

  2. Tapestry says:

    To my mind this is all a cover story to hide the fact we are attacking Russia with a beam weapon from space. There are numerous bangs and flashes going on in our region in the UK with no reporting. The scale of the fires across Russia are mind-numbing – forest fires, the Moskva, Belgorod weapons dump and fuel fire, Briansk today same – two fires, the Military Institute in Moscow. It’s not all the SAS. If any. They are training Ukrainians in the use of missiles as I understand it. I will update on the events in Shropshire shortly.