Turks, Finns and other nations replace Ukrainian losses of manpower in the frontlines

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the AFU lost 284 people killed, wounded and prisoners of war in 24 hours. The total losses of dead, wounded and prisoners in the AFU, NGU and PSCs exceeded 45,000.

According to the report of the General Staff of the AFU, it has lost four tanks, six armoured vehicles, nine field artillery guns and mortars, four long- and medium-range air defence systems, two short-range air defence systems, 21 vehicles and special equipment and 22 UAVs.

There are reports from various sources that 3,000 militants of the Turkish far-right organisation Grey Wolves have been transferred to Ukraine.

The arrival of 3,000 Grey Wolves at the Ukrainian-Polish border was first reported about ten days ago, but it has only now become known that they have already been moved to the Kharkiv and Odessa-Mykolaiv directions (three squads of 1,000 fighters each have been deployed). Convoys with Turkish fighters were passing through Zhmerenka – along with heavy equipment and artillery.

Apparently, these units are planned to be used for counterstrikes near Kharkiv and Mykolaiv or for an attack on Transnistria.

Foreign fighters and soldiers from NATO regular units are increasingly replacing exsanguinated Ukrainian army units on the front lines.

The photo below shows a Finnish mercenary unit in Kharkiv.

War In Ukraine Day 62: Armed Forces of Ukraine Suffer Losses. Russian Units Continue Their Offensive

The conflict is slowly but steadily moving into the phase of full-scale war between Russia and NATO.