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The coverage of the Ukraine conflict across the western mainstream is totally one-sided, however, this is only one aspect of the way it has been responsible for getting more people killed than would be the case without this coverage.

By a completely partial rendering of events in Ukraine western mainstream media news creates a false picture that, if enough people believe it, will lead to the combat continuing far longer than it properly should.

One aspect of this deeply irresponsible behaviour is that it leads to a false sense of confidence that Kiev regime forces are winning against the Russian forces. This could lead outsiders to this conflict involving themselves directly and, due to their lack of training, getting themselves killed. The emotional impact, purposefully selected by television news channels seeks to generate such impulses along with others regarding fundraising for the regime.

The amount of bias involved is massive, along with misinformed speculation, assertion and demonisation of one side over the other. Wishful thinking and attitudes based on a lack of historical knowledge of this conflict stretching back over a decade leads to an entire series of mis-statements and constant misrepresentation.

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Giving unhindered coverage to the leader of the Kiev regime, Volodymyr Zelensky, also creates the clear impression of full support and this along with the recruiting potential of the entire narrative encourages viewers to view the events in Ukraine from an entirely skewed viewpoint.

Television has for fifty years and more been the most powerful device for molding minds. With the inexorable move of elite media to the right in recent times, especially in the United States where public service broadcasting is in the extreme minority and corporations own the vast majority of news entities the output has become heavily biased in the interests of western states’ foreign policy objectives.

Ukraine has been the object of a western state desire to take as much of eastern Europe into the U.S., NATO and EU sphere of influence and western mass media has followed on in slavish fashion to promote this goal in respect of Ukraine and all other such states. The taking of Ukraine as a whole into the western sphere of influence in the coup of 2014 was a step too far for Russia and for the people of both Crimea and south-eastern Ukraine.


The people of the Donbass in SE Ukraine who look eastward toward Russia in terms of language, culture and shared history have no relation to the West or the EU and were threatened on numerous levels by the takeover by West-oriented politicians in 2014. Their case is NEVER made on western mainstream news channels. They were completely left to their fate when most cruelly bombarded by mortar shells day and night through 2014 and 2015. They were an inconvenient story to cover.

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Now we see the kind of destruction that took place perpetrated by the Ukrainian army and their Nazi-legacy militias during 2014 and 2015 depicted daily and nightly on western televisions. The kind of coverage the people of Donetsk and Lugansk desperately required to let the world know what they suffered during those years was almost totally absent from western television screens.

This repeated bias has delivered a constantly misleading message, one that encourages hate toward one side, love for the other and an uncaring level of total ignorance regarding a third.

Giving the false impression that there is hope and even increasing hope that the Kiev forces can defeat those of Russia risks extending the fighting in Ukraine. For Russia the issues involved form existential factors which mean it MUST take its campaign to a successful conclusion. The very existence of Russia is at stake as without secure borders and freedom from the fear of enemies at its door it cannot live as a sovereign nation should. Its people could never feel assured they were totally safe if such a situation continued.

Providing a platform for the forces that are constantly threatening Russia’s present and future security by supporting one side only in a completely subjective way with no attempt whatsoever to be objective is reprehensible in the extreme.

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In all these diverse ways the ubiquitous television viewing which takes place across the entire western world acts through the media agenda linked as it is to the goals of western states acts as a weapon for western those western states… and that weapon has been in the past, and is now in the present, getting men, women and children killed in Ukraine.

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