The battle for the Donbass has finally started. Russell Texas Bentley.

Like a game of chess, the start is when everyone puts their pieces on the board.  This is the middle game, the bloody part, when both sides take losses.  Then there’s the endgame.  Russell says that Russia will win and push on and take Kiev.  More and more Russians are arriving in Donietsk, so the chances of Ukrainians pushing an attack into the City are receding by the hour.  Thankfully.

Russia doesn’t want to kill any more Ukrainians than necessary.   They will need the POWs to do all the rebuilding after the war is over.

Interesting take on Aiden Aslin, Shaun Pinner and other captured mercenaries.  The Russians don’t want Medvedchuk for a swap anyway.  He’s an oligarch.

TAP – I don’t think Britain or Ukraine want the captured mercenaries except to send them a certain death as soon as possible – just as they are doing in the Avozstal plant.  They are an embarrassment that doesn’t fit the narrative.  They have PR value to the DNR, and should look to swapping sides for long term survival.  If they’ve committed atrocities that will come to light eventually, and then Russell’s approach will come into play.  He may be right that they are dangerous killers, but they also have a lot of knowledge about what’s gone on.  That information has value, which could be tradeable…but with the Russians, not the Ukrainians.  The British are refusing to trade them for Medvedchuk as expected.  The UK has no further use for them, and wants them ‘out of the narrative’.



3 Responses to “The battle for the Donbass has finally started. Russell Texas Bentley.”

  1. Occams says:

    According to my local 10 News affiliate, “Ukraine is winning” as Putin and Russia have suffered a 25% loss of men and machines.

    Oh, yea. And everyone vaxxed seems to be suffering from Long Covid – so got get another booster….

    lol….Well, actually it WOULD be funny if 95% of Amerikans didn’t believe this nonsense

  2. BenBecula says:

    Can’t see the video – “private”

  3. Tapestry says:

    Maybe just for once, Benbecula, Texas went a bit too far with his enthusiasm to the point that he has been pulled. Sounding too keen to take territory, destroy western armies etc. He’s not so scared about an invasion of Donbass by the AFU now and is just furious and wants the enemy killed and the Bolsheviks hung. It was a great interview but could be used by the propagandists of the Americans to make their opponents look too bloodthirsty! His best suit is his enthusiasm, but at this point, we need subtlety. It’s always good to get his take.