“Sooner or Later, a Revolution Will Break Out in France” Predicts a Chinese Researcher Specializing in Europe

ER Editor: As much as we agree with this Chinese researcher on the likelihood of revolution in France, the insistence on the ‘far right’ element he cites is just another narrative play we believe. We’re dealing with populism, not ‘far right’ politics, which Le Pen herself has pointed out before now.

She has historically called out the Davos-centred cabal, as she did in 2013, for (here’s a brief summary of document below) its globalist style of capitalism with nations destroyed, borders opened up in favor of cheap labor and free markets for finance, the moral and culture of a people broken down. She declared herself against this in the following, with the title ‘Opening of the globalist forum at Davos: the globalised elite against the people’:

So what happened last Sunday? We’ll come right out and say it: a CIA source connected to Benjamin Fulford declared (half of this is behind a paywall) that Le Pen was paid $300 million to drop the ball in the election. It is being widely noted how thoroughly cheerful she is/was for having (yet again) lost. We suspect that if this claim is true, the offer wasn’t simply to either take $300 million or refuse it: it may have been $300 million or else. She also very noticeably soft-balled in the debate with Macron a few days before the final round this past Sunday, not mentioning certain key points she could have grilled him on. She’s normally a very aggressive person, but he came out looking far stronger (and very obnoxious). In any event, the French have woken up in one fell swoop to the possibility of election-rigging as shown on TV screens through the night: Le Pen was slightly ahead in the original count, only to go down by over a million votes while Macron pulled ahead by 4 million. See

Monkey Business in the French Elections? Looks Like It

The TV channel concerned has put this down to a ‘computer glitch’; Le Pen so far is NOT contesting the result, leaving people to reasonably wonder why. It really smells and people are sensing the odour. Another reason for revolution just transpired.

A telling tweet from former presidential candidate and credible political voice, Francois Asselineau (go down to the collage of injured Yellow Vests):



“Sooner or later, a revolution will break out in France”, predicts a Chinese researcher specializing in Europe


Shortly after the result of the presidential election, clashes took place in Paris between demonstrators and the police.

Shortly after Emmanuel Macron’s victory, tension escalated (ER: in this interesting article – browsers may translate it – several prominent and credible French politicians come forward to warn about Macron’s re-election, to which he responds overall, “the years to come will certainly not be quiet”). The day after the re-election of the Head of State, the Courrier International presented the point of view of a Chinese researcher who testified for the nationalist newspaper Huanqiu Shibao. In a particularly tense context, the specialist in Europe takes a tormented look at the future of the French.

“A revolution will break out in France”

“Sooner or later, a revolution will break out in France, it’s a matter of time,” he exclaimed in the Chinese newspaper when he saw the global stakes of the results of the presidential election and the rise of the extreme right (ER: We recommend substituting the word ‘populism’).

He develops this view with several arguments. First, he knows that the French are used to the provocative words of the President of the Republic. He also notes that the abstention rate of 28.01% reflects a “fed up” policy in general. That said, the votes are no less eloquent. The “historic” rise of the far right (ER: …), led sometimes by Marine Le Pen, sometimes by Eric Zemmour (ER: he’s a Rothschild plant)worries the member countries of the European Union. It is moreover because France was one of those who “built Europe” that the Chinese specialist writes, not without a certain irony: “In order to prevent Marine Le Pen from winning.”

As for the ridiculously low scores of the traditional parties (1.75% of the vote for the Socialist Party and 4.79% for Les Républicains), they reflect, according to him, the French desire for profound change. It appears that the term “revolution” is resurfacing through the foreign press; anti-elitist revolutionary traditions would (still) reside at the heart of French society.

Tension rises in France

Following the results of the vote, protests exploded in some major cities in France, including Paris, Toulouse and Rennes. Videos have been released. We see French people charged by the police. Here and there, the inevitable Yellow Vests shout “Macron Dégage!” (Macron, Get Out!)

Translation: Police charge on the Place de la République in Paris where several hundred demonstrators are gathered following the announcement of the election results. The square was surrounded by police.

Calls for an appeal for electoral fraud have been launched through social networks. It is the images of the percentages of votes on France 2 that have put the flea in the ear of Internet users. In Le Monde, the national channel apologized, citing “a computer bug.”

In short, the population is on its guard and it is not about to subside. According to the statements of Emmanuel Macron himself, it’s a safe bet that the vaccine pass will show up again in the fall of 2022. The president has not ruled out the possibility of mandatory vaccination, either. And if with that, even more possibilities were needed to divide the French, it was Bruno Le Maire who confided that he could not “guarantee” that the use of 49.3 will be ruled out for the pension reform (ER: i.e. the pension reforms that Macron should have put through on behalf of his puppet masters during his first term will now be put through ASAP using the mechanism of article 49.3).

This time, it is a Chinese researcher who is sounding the alarm. A message that is all the more symbolic as the situation in Shanghai seems to bear witness to the change of direction that is taking place internationally. Videos of desperate Shanghainese at their windows, forced to be tested en masse to afford some semblance of fresh air, made headlines. The “Voices of April” video has been circulating since Friday, April 22. We see a compilation of testimonies from confined Shanghai residents, defying Chinese censorship. (ER: Fulford also has something interesting to say about Shanghai, meaning it’s not what we’re being told, but that warring factions at the top of the Chinese hierarchy are at work, with the Shanghai people caught in the middle.)



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“Sooner or Later, a Revolution Will Break Out in France” Predicts a Chinese Researcher Specializing in Europe

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