Some NHS Trusts Are Still Hiring For “Coronavirus Related” Jobs

As an indication of whether the “pandemic” narrative is being wound down, we browsed the National Health Service (“NHS”) job site: “NHS Jobs”.  On the header for the site is an option to “find coronavirus related roles.”  We clicked on this option and browsed the job adverts posted in the last week and here’s what we found.

NHS has posted 225 new “coronavirus related roles” within the last 7 days.   A number are in mental health, care homes or home care settings.  We browsed the advert thumbnails but didn’t open the links to any particular role to establish why it was listed as “coronavirus related.”

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Below are specific roles we noticed that may give some indication of which NHS Trusts are readying themselves for a long, ongoing Covid campaign.  We’ve included images of the thumbnails from NHS Jobs.  If you click on any particular image it will take you to the job advert, should you feel tempted to apply …

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme: Clinical Lead, Band 8b

“We’re looking for an experienced and professional clinical lead to join our team at this exciting time. Working alongside the service manager, you’ll be a key part of ensuring we deliver a safe and effective service for the mass delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations.”

Also for Dorset, a COVID-19 Vaccination Programme: Nursing Manager, Band 8a to join their team “at this exciting time.”

Support worker, Mental Health Forensic

“If you care for others without a second thought, have had or are willing to have your Covid Vaccine.”

However, other divisions of Elysium Healthcare, such as this support worker for Mental Health Adult below, doesn’t make the “vaccine” a priority for the job.  In fact, the job advertised above was the only job where “vaccination” was noted as one of the first qualifications or requirements.

Pharmacist.  The same position is being advertised for Maidstone, Wakefield, Cantebury, Dorchester, Yeoville, Workington, Aylesbury, Leeds and Newmarket.

“We are looking for Pharmacists to work in our vaccination hubs.”

Vaccinators. There are also vaccinators required for Maidstone, Nottingham, Yeoville, Dorchester, Nuneaton, Workington, Winchester and Aylesbury.

Nurse. The same role is also being advertised for Leeds, Nuneaton, Dorchester, Nottingham, Aylesbury, Yeoville, Workington, Winchester and Maidstone.

“In these crucial roles, you will work as part of a dynamic team in delivering a safe and effective service for the mass delivery of vaccinations of the COVID-19 vaccines.”

Step 3 Therapist (long-covid)

Vaccination Assistant

As a lowly paid assistant, “he/she will provide Information, Advice and Assistance to all stakeholders.”

Featured image: NHS staff doing the haka, image taken from a dancing nurses TikTok video, when the nation was shut down due to the Covid “pandemic”

Some NHS Trusts Are Still Hiring For “Coronavirus Related” Jobs


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Looks like the NHS is now part of Ukraine. Maybe Russia can stop the NHS – only joking!!