Shanghai Descends into Chaos as Taiwan Military Distributes Survival Handbook to Citizens in Preparation for China Invasion

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Reports coming out of Shanghai show riots now breaking out among desperate people fighting back against police forcing people into quarantine concentration camps, and horrible side effects from the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccines where people are reportedly dropping dead soon after the shots.

In nearby Taiwan, the military is taking unprecedented measures by distributing a 28-page public emergency handbook to prepare their citizens to handle an imminent Chinese invasion. (Source.)

Meanwhile, here in the U.S. the corporate media continues to focus on Ukraine, while many in the Alternative Media have been distracted for the past few days on “snake venom” that is allegedly infecting municipal water supplies.

Many people have emailed me asking me to cover this story, but not only am I not going to cover that story, I am not even going to bother watching the videos because it is nothing more than a huge distraction right now, as everyone should be stocking up on food and preparing for what comes next in the implementation of the Great Reset and New World Order that is unfolding before our very eyes in China.

And if you think I am exaggerating, this was the headline earlier this week in a major German publication boasting 23 million readers and 417 million page views a month. Notice the point size of their headline and use of the word “Apokalypse.”

Shanghai is China’s largest city and largest port, and what happens there affects the rest of the world, especially in regards to the collapsing supply chain.

Here is a video report that is from our Bitchute channel. It is also on our Odysee channel and Telegram channel.

People locked down in their apartment buildings are developing a barter system to try to stave off starvation.

What is happening in Shanghai should be a wake up call to everyone to start preparing for what is coming next.

Taiwan is doing this, by distributing information to people to get ready and prepare, but people in the U.S. seem to be distracted by an overflow of information right now, and if you don’t focus on preparing for something on the scale of what is happening in Shanghai, it could literally cost you your life.

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Shanghai Descends into Chaos as Taiwan Military Distributes Survival Handbook to Citizens in Preparation for China Invasion


8 Responses to “Shanghai Descends into Chaos as Taiwan Military Distributes Survival Handbook to Citizens in Preparation for China Invasion”

  1. ian says:

    I fear that the US in particular and Britain as well as Europe more generally will be given some of this next winter.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Our police are massively under resourced Ian. They could not run anything like that here [whatever tf is going on there, we’ve no way of knowing]

      They didn’t even have the manpower to fully attend all routine covid calls during the pseudopandemic. These calls were pointless in reality, unless the resident admitted liability, which some idiots did. I was told this directly by 2 police that I know in another part of the country to where I live. The police were often told to “eff off” when they did show up for such a call. This left them with 2 options:

      1 go and obtain a search warrant [a pain in the ass process for them] and then return to the location to demand entry with the warrant

      2 mark the call as “attended location and spoke with resident”

      Guess what they usually did?

      They are swamped with paperwork as it is. They use ancient IT systems software that is not coordinated. They have limited capacity, too few officers and not enough vehicles. I know an ex-detective in London who left because the job was so stressful and unproductive. They even had to attend some domestic calls by public transport because there were not enough pool cars!

      The police here couldn’t oppress 70 million people even if they wanted to. So who would do that here, the army? Hard to see that in the UK tbh. How many fit soldiers do we have now? Far too few I expect. Any government that used the army on civilians here would fall pdq

      So who else would do the job, the NHS? In my, admittedly limited, experience the hospitals are full of unfit, lardy arsed, people in medical clothes who look like they would struggle up a flight of stairs, never mind harass the public

      • ian says:

        Thanks for that heads up Pete. It lifted my spirits no end.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        It’s great to hear that Ian, your response made my day

        I was only repeating what I’ve recently been told by 3 UK police that I know and trust and who work directly with the great unwashed. Having had police in my wider family all my life then, the impression that I get is that modern police are pussies compared with the old school coppers that I knew as a kid in the ’50’s and ’60’s

        My mum’s cousin’s husband, “Uncle” G, was police. A northerner who worked darn sarf all his working life. He was a hard drinking, hard nosed, tough bastard who had a completely different attitude to today’s police. His language was ripe with police talk of “chummy”, “nig nog” and such like. He had to be tough to deal with the many tough characters that crossed his path. And he climbed the greasy pole up to Chief Super by the end of his career. A great bloke to have on your side, you certainly wouldn’t want him on your case

        Contrast that with my son’s best mate, who is a lovely, gentle, caring lad who I’ve known all his life. If you’d told me that he was going to join the police in his mid twenties I’d have sneered to your face. He is as far removed from G as it is possible to be

  2. Weaver says:

    Off-grid living may just be the answer and then we can come back when it is all over.

  3. Tapestry says:

    I’m not sure I can watch.

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    I watched the first video with it’s distressing scenes but unfortunately there is no context whatsoever. No provenance to any of the images

    Where did these images originate? When did they originate? Who are the people in white suits? What are they doing to the civilians? Why are the civilians screaming? What are the civilians screaming about?

    I could go on and on. Unless you speak Chinese that vid is meaningless

    Remember all the unattributed Chinese bodies in the street at the start of the covid pseudopandemic? The videos that were later fully debunked as part of the global psyop. How do we know that this is any different?