Scott Ritter gives a military analysis of Russia’s moves in Ukraine

The principle purpose of the Russian operation is the liberation of Donbass.  Russia spent a month fighting around Kiev to shape the battlefield, a feint.  It was 100% success freezing Ukraine’s forces in place around Kiev.    Phase two is next, redeploying resources to Donbass – attacking the Ukrainian Nationalists from the West, as well as the East.  Most of the fighting in Donetsk and Lugansk has been done so far by the militias of the two Republics.  Scott Ritter says Russia is working patiently, and taking it step by step.

Scott gives a common sense explanation of what Ukraine Police did in Bucha on April 1st.  They put it out on their website that they were doing a cleansing of Russian collaborators on April 1st, then claimed the Russians had killed the civilians on March 19th.  The bodies would have been two weeks old by April 1st.  They were all freshly killed.

The Kramatorsk railway station was hit by a Ukrainian missile, with Ukrainian serial number coming from territory controlled by Ukraine.  Was it fired on a railway station deliberately?  Or was it an accident?

Russian propaganda is not very effective but they prefer to win the war first and then release all the information they have.  Scott Ritter says this is a mistake.  And Russia should be fighting back against western psychological ops.   NATO is falling apart.  If Le Pen wins, France will withdraw from NATO.  Russia should be fighting back against psyops and exposing the Ukrainian false flags.


One Response to “Scott Ritter gives a military analysis of Russia’s moves in Ukraine”

  1. Mick says:

    I understand why Russia is not keen on a propaganda war, because it can’t affect the ultimate outcome. It’s like trying to judge how good a restaurant’s food is by how stylish the menu is presented, when you can only really know at the end when the food is served.