A Repost – Russia’s 5th Column


Thinking Slow

This is a topic which has concerned Paul Craig Roberts for years.

This video is from a British creator. One of the points he demonstrates is that the Russian oligarchs established in Britain, who support the Conservative Party, are strongly anti-Putin.  They are  also heavily involved with such NGOs as the Atlantic Council which is heavily involved with the military-industrial complex.  Hence BJ’s vociferous rhetoric and position perhaps?

The author’s view is that there is a serious division between the Davos crowd within Russia and the normal conservative people of Russia.

What he does not go into is the activities of such NGOs as the BBC Media Action, which works within countries to foment colour revolutions, as in Syria. They have undoubtedly been active in Russia and are very probably responsible for much of the opposition movement there. I have a slight acquaintance with a Russian woman who lives in the UK part time, and is proud that she reads the Guardian and the BBC.  She told me recently that her son is part of the opposition. I was not surprised but said nothing.

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