Russia declares. ‘We will not sit idle. We will carry out our pledge without any remorse and without any hesitation’

If the Moscva is the Hood, the Azovstal is the Bismark.  Not allowed to surrender, the sailors of the Bismark were sacrificed like the soldiers in the Azovstal, in WW2 immediately after the Hood was lost.

The big bombs come out, so far on the Avostal steel mill.  Saturday April 16th.  Yet the steel mill shoots on.  There are no civilians inside the Azovstal, as revealed by two British captives.

They are being treated as mercenaries, and are going into prison.  Unknown when they will come out of prison.  I wonder if Pinner and Aslin are singing to try to stay alive.

They are getting mass media coverage so are clearly intelligence assets.

Yet even intelligence assets prefer to stay alive, given the choice.

They must be aware by now of the supreme evil they are a part of.

“War is a terrible thing! When I was walking through the city with my mother (when my mother and I were in the center sitting in the basement). So we were walking and I saw the city, I wanted to crawl under the table. All the big houses that were near the Dram Theater, burned out, they were very beautiful, with lights, I remember. There is no drama theater! All in all, war is a terrible thing! I say that to everybody!

We were fed by soldiers, they gave us bread and butter from the field kitchen. Eh! And they fed us, once they even gave us pate. I gave one of them a tank and told him it would help them finish the battle quicker. We left here on the 8th.”

Correspondent: “What kind of soldiers were they?”

Boy: “The basketball player was. “Basketball player” – I have learned his call sign.”

Correspondent: “Were these DNR soldiers?”

Boy: “These were DNR soldiers and they fed us, really! Yes, they were bringing us food, it’s true, I’m a witness. I saw it. I’m always afraid, I’m not used to these claps: what “departures”, what “arrivals” (note: it’s about bombing, shots fired at the enemy, and reverse shots from the enemy), but I’m still more afraid of “arrivals”. And every gunshot makes me duck, because I’m very afraid of it all.

In general I want to say: war is a terrible thing! Never repeat such a thing! War is the worst thing in the world!”


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