Russell Bentley not happy with the Russian withdrawal from Kiev wants the battle won

You might have thought that Russell would have a few criticisms of Russian strategy being the kind of guy he is.  And so he does.

Of course Russia’s gonna win this war, he says – but there’s been too many mistakes.  TAP – Well that’s warfare.

Backing out of Kiev lead directly to Ukrainian murder of civilians, he says.  Bucha and so on.  Russian soldiers see it as a mistake to withdraw.

He’s worried the Ukrainians could still occupy the cities of Donetsk and create more Mariupols, as they have so many troops in Donbass.

Russia should put more forces into the lines in Donbass.

This is a pivotal time for the human race on this planet.

Regis says Russia is completing all its goals.

Russell doesn’t think an American general has been captured, or a British colonel.  Blowing smoke.

Ukrainian soldiers could be running out of ammunition, food, some even of water are wanting to surrender when they can.

But they outnumber the Russian/DPR by either 2:1 or 3:1.  Russians should be 4:1 more than the Ukrainians to stop them trying to break through the Donbass lines.

Tap – This is the opposite of Scott Ritter who says Russia is doing it right, taking time to pick off Ukrainians by not rushing in, using heavy artillery to grind them down.

Russia only has about 50,000 troops deployed in Ukraine – obviously mindful that other fronts might become active.

What about the arrival of all the foreign equipment arriving in Ukraine, Russell?  Why are the railroad tracks even there, he asks?

Tap – Maybe Russia will be using their railroad tracks running the other way in a while!