Poland threatens Belarus

This is an advocacy piece.  I am asking for “maximum re-post”, maximum involvement.  This is your chance to help stop a much bigger war.

The MSM won’t do it.  It has to be you. Please do it for my kids, your kids, grandkids, whatever.

A few days ago—and I’m not sure it was the first time—Polish uniformed personnel “attacked” a Belarus border post.

In the short video clip below, one Polish serviceman shoots a slingshot (see around 0:27) and others shine lasers and a stroboscopic lamp, towards the Belarussian position.


You might think this is not serious.

It is serious.  This is an international border.  Unless you think the Polish border guard (or army, or whoever this is) is a hooligan rabble, they would not be doing this without orders. 

Imagine if Mexico’s army did this to the U.S. Border Guard, how would Americans feel?  (We know the cartels do much worse, but they’re not the government, so Mexico gets a pass.)

Next, the Poles may deploy a watermelon catapult, or sound warfare, or tear gas, or whatever, and someone on the Belarussian side will get hurt, or worse.

Poland will say, “It’s just a catapult!”, but if it breaks someone’s neck, Belarus would have to respond…..

…..And then it’s “NATO Article 5”, and the 10,000-plus U.S. military personnel in Poland, most located within 30 miles of the Ukrainian or Belarussian borders (for just such an eventuality), get drawn into it.  Not to mention, just now I got video of this U.S. or German (these are not in the Polish arsenal) howitzer train—at least two batteries’ worth—moving into Poland.


In short, the border actions are a provocation.

This is one step in a campaign of escalation.

Poland has been trying to pull off a regime change in Belarus since 2020. 

Claims that Uncle Sam is directly behind the regime change efforts are mostly false.  It’s Poland, with Lithuania and Germany in second place.

In response, Belarus had been facilitating a wave of chaotic illegal migration of Iraqis and others into Poland, however, that more or less stopped, many months ago.

Recently, a team of railway saboteurs was arrested in Belarus; one of the three resisted and was shot (not killed.)  They were found to have a pistol and some professional radio gear.  I have videos of their apprehension and the damage they caused, but it’s not that interesting.

It’s likely they were operating under pay and orders from Polish intelligence.  The railway is a target because it moves Russian army gear.

Poland’s intelligence service has set up a virtual “front group” called BYPOL, allegedly consisting of Belarussian security personnel who want to see a democratic Belarus blah blah.

BYPOL claims to have a large network of officials “on the inside” in Belarus.  It’s probably imaginary.

Even if BYPOL is not 100-percent fake, it’s a front.  You know who is writing the checks and pulling the strings.

BYPOL “exists” so that any sabotage or subversion inside Belarus can be “plausibly denied” by Poland. Like, “It wasn’t us, it was BYPOL.” Then if Belarus retaliates, it’s the aggressor and… NATO Article 5.

BYPOL’s English-language website is here.  It’s ridiculously slick, probably made in the USA, or with the help of an American PR firm.

Poland has been looking to expand its influence over its neighbors. 

Much of Belarus and the Ukraine were controlled by Poland from the 1400s to the early 1700s, and then western Belarus and northwest Ukraine were occupied by Poland again from 1919 to 1939.

Now, Poland wants it back. 

Don’t just take my word for it.  Polish-American tweeter Jack Posobiec—1.7 million followers, and a regular on Steve Bannon’s show—has been calling for a renewed Polish empire for over a year.

A retired commander of Polish ground forces recently told Poland’s leading tabloid that Russia’s isolated Kaliningrad enclave (formerly the northern 40 percent of East Prussia, taken by the USSR in 1944-45) is rightfully Polish and must be conquered.

That’s the sort of crap that is going around in their media space.  Their public is being primed for intervention and expansion.

In recent weeks, Poland has mobilized at least an entire infantry division (with the help of U.S. trainers) to move into northwest Ukraine, to “protect” the Ukrainians, even though the Ukraine-Russia fighting is hundreds of miles away.

A few military targets in this part of the Ukraine have been bombed, but no one seriously thinks Russia wants—or would be able to—move its ground forces into the area anytime soon.  If the war comes here, unlikely as that is, it is still months away.

So far, the European Union and NATO Command have told Poland, “No!”

That may change if something heats up on the Poland-Belarus border.

If Poland and Belarus start fighting, that would be bad enough, it would involve NATO and possibly nuclear weapons.  But (if we’re still here), Poland would also have some pretext and political cover to move into northwest Ukraine and establish a long-term protectorate there. 

(This “expeditionary force” would be supported by NATO Patriot missile batteries now deployed in Slovakia.)

That’s their goal.  That’s likely what this Belarus border drama is about.

Everyone must understand now, if the Russia-Ukraine war gets “out of control”, and turns into a broader Russia-NATO war, or a nuclear war, it won’t be thanks to Brandon.

It would be thanks to Poland.

For a very long time, in our MSM, the Poles have been “good elves”—they are pure, holy, they overcame communism with their rosaries and holy water, blah blah.  They can do no wrong.  That won’t change.

Thus, I am asking everyone reading this, to share this message or at least the above video. 

If Europe won’t do it, Uncle Sam needs to pull on Poland’s leash, tell them to cut it out.

Even just getting this out in the U.S. alt-media space now, goes a little distance towards that end.

Please do what you can.

If you live in the district of one of the few non-RINO Republicans in Congress, call his or her office and ask them to talk about this, publicly. 

The life you save may be your own.

Thank you.

Poland “attacks” Belarus border post