One Response to “Pfizer and the Israeli Connection.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    In 2009, the Swedish journalist Donald Berström published an article in the newspaper Aftonbladet where Israeli troops are accused of killing Palestinians for donor organs. Berström cited the restricted data he had received from personnel of the UN humanitarian mission located in that area.

    In November 2011, Bloomberg published an article which read: “The investigators from 5 continents report that they have found interconnected crime syndicates headed by Israelis and Eastern Europeans involved in illegal human organ trafficking.”

    In the 1990s the chief doctor of the Lviv regional clinical hospital Bogdan Fedak founded a crime ring selling children’s organs to foreign countries, mostly to the US. An investigation concluded that around 130 infants went missing in Lviv. Journalists do not rule out that having served their time Fedak’s accomplices are now back in the business on the demarcation line, selling their compatriots for organs.

    Already since 2014 analytics have been talking about active systematic removal of organs from civilians and participants of the military conflicts around the Donbas area. On September 29, 2014 the OSCE Special Representative for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings Madina Jarbussynova claimed that the discovered mass graves in the Donbas contained bodies missing internal organs, who have most likely became victims of black market transplant surgeons.