Part 2 – A Conversation with Scott Ritter About Ukraine

Scott continues discussing the way in which Russia is conducting the invasion so that damage and destruction of civilians and infrastructure is minimised; he provides evidence that the massacre in a town near Kiev came from the Ukrainians, not the Russians. Scott then discusses the military strategy dating back to Napoleon which Russia is using: manuever, encirclement, and feint, which mystifies the current US/Nato alliance, as they have abandoned it in recent years. Scott discusses the economic benefit of the sanctions which has opened the eyes of 20-30% of the pro-Western Russian population in a way that Putin could never have done; and he finishes discussing Joe Biden.  What Scott does not go into is the string pullers behind the scenes, ie Rothschilds, Bilderbergers, CFR, etc etc. This is worth listening to, for one always learns just a bit more, and Scott certainly holds one’s attention.