OPERATION AZOVSTAL: The US-UK-FR-NATO-IDF Attack Plan Launch from Mariupol Thwarted by Russia (Video)

Note the two photos of Cloutier half way through the Russian video

VIDEO TITLE TRANSLATION: Scandal awaits N.A.T.O — The truth surfaced in the dungeon of Azovstal


SOTN Editor’s Note: First, some essential context for the important video below that’s presented in Russian.  The following intel was submitted to SOTN along with the video.

“Ukrainian special forces in Mariupol surrendered to the Russian troops! They do not want to protect the NATO officers who are trapped in Mariupol.

Azovstal factory*, the location of NATO’s main secret headquarters in Mariupol and BIOWEAPON LAB — “PIT-404” — is shown in the video below.

Russian Forces already have taken NATO and Israeli IDF as prisoners.

The Russian military knew that NATO and the Armed Forces of Ukraine were ready to attack Donbass, so they launched the “special military operation” two weeks ahead of NATO’s attack date.

The Kremlin possesses incriminating documents which prove that NATO, US, UK, Turkey, Germany, etc. were preparing to attack Donbass.  Immediately after the Commander of Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) — Lieutenant General Roger Cloutier — arrived in Mariupol, the Russian Armed Forces started their “special military operation” and slowly surrounded NATO officers stationed in Mariupol.

President Putin has hard evidence showing that NATO was ready to attack Donbass and the Russian Federation prior to Russia’s defensive invasion that commenced on 24 February 2022. This is really a war being waged against Russia by NATO!”

*The “Azovstal factory” referred to above is actually the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works located in Mariupol, Donetsk in Donbass which is less than 40 miles form the Russian border.  Clearly this heavy duty manufacturing was selected by NATO to launch a biowar against Donbass and Russia because of its excellent geo-strategic location.

SOURCE: https://gmk.center/en/manufacturer/azovstal-iron-and-steel-works/

Now that YouTube censored the preceding video right after we posted it, here’s another similar take on the Azovstal criminal enterprise followed by a second video.  It’s well worth watching these Russian presentations just for the telling video footage and revealing photos.





4 Responses to “OPERATION AZOVSTAL: The US-UK-FR-NATO-IDF Attack Plan Launch from Mariupol Thwarted by Russia (Video)”

  1. Aldous says:

    “Note the two photos of Cloutier half way through the Russian video”
    I hope the Russians speedily put the war criminal on trial and execute the hateful sonofabitch.
    By Easter Sunday if possible.

  2. Tapestry says:

    While it’s sad to see the Moscva sunk (I saw her in Sevastopol in 2004 looking very new and impressive). That said ships are so vulnerable to missile attacks as we found out in the Falklands. I don’t know why countries make warships any more. It’s such an easy propaganda coup to sink them. It’s the usual way they escalate wars – have a naval catastrophe to keep the pot boiling. The Ukrainians have an extraordinary number of troops in Mariupol. Are they hoping for reinforcement from NATO as Ukraine has nothing to offer them? That said who fired the missiles that sunk the Moscva? Was it Nato? The war could easily widen from here with Russian military voices unhappy that the High Command is dealing with the strategic planning very well. Scott Ritter thinks Russia is playing it right however – taking her time to grind down Ukrainian forces step by step, and eliminating NATO weaponry as it arrives in the country, and overseas troops as they arrive. It will be a long slow grind to bring this to a close but Russians seem to be hardening in their support of Putin. They have a long history of fighting Nazi regimes and defeating them – at some cost. The only thing that I can’t get my head around is why is Britain providing assistance to the worst Nazis in the world? All the comics I read as a boy portrayed Nazis as the baddies. Shouldn’t someone tell Boris Johnson he’s butchering the wrong side?

    • newensign says:

      Its not surprising Boris is going against Russia as he is a Turk (real name Osman) himself and part of the Khazarian Mafia and their cohorts in London. They have always hated Russia for destroying their original Khazarian empire and sending their fleet to assist the USA in the 1800’s to assist their fight against the Money Power in that independent state known as the City of London!

  3. nixon scraypes says:

    Germany lost WW2, the Nazis won it. The winners call themselves whatever they want. Boris works for them, he’s sure they’ll win and he’ll be Winston2.