More planes squawk 7700. More fires across Russia.

One huge fire on Sakhalin Island at a gas/energy plant.  See Defense Politics Asia on youtube – last sector today’s update.
Also Moscow.  Are these caused by space direct energy weapons?
Daily Express – Footage shared on social media on Friday shows clouds of smoke rising from a building in Korolev, which is known as the cradle of Russian and Soviet space exploration. It has not been possible to confirm the date or time of the blaze. If confirmed, the fire would be the third reported to have struck significant locations in Russia this week.
The continual and frequent occurrence of squawk 7700 events with planes over and near Britain suggests some kind of jamming device is being used.

US Air Force emergency: Military tanker jet squawks ‘7700’ over North Sea at 5,900 ft

A US military plane issued an emergency “7700” squawk as it was flying over Norfolk before making a dramatic landing.

Flight emergency: What it means when a plane ‘squawks 7700’

A US Air Force Boeing KC-135R issued an emergency signal over the village of Briston, and has now returned to the military airfield in Norfolk.

A nearby RAF centre reportedly had all its traffic stopped to accommodate the plane’s landing but the plane was then stuck as the pilot didn’t “have nose steering”.

RAF Mildenhall was said to have fire engines lining the runway to prepare.

The massive military tanker was just under 6,000ft in the air when the signal was sent out.

Designated Quid 31, the plane is now on the ground “safe and sound” and has been towed away.

A witness to the scene has stated the plane didn’t have all the necessary green lights on its undercarriage.

@TonyRome51 tweeted: “All road traffic stopped at RAF Mildenhall with fire engines lining the runway.

“Quid 31 on the ground safe & sound, didn’t have all green lights for his undercarriage.

“Runway closed as he doesn’t have nose wheel steering so he’s stuck.”

A spokesperson from RAF Mildenhall said: “This afternoon one of our aircraft’s experienced an in-flight emergency.

“The aircrew adjusted properly by conducting an emergency landing to ensure the safety of the aircrew, aircraft, and airspace.

“The aircraft landed safely, with no injuries to the aircrew. The safety and well-being of our Service members and their families remains our top priority.”


Boeing K135R

The massive plane appears to be returning to the nearest airport (Image: Getty)

This type of plane was used extensively in the Vietnam War and the Gulf War to refuel other military jets.

During nine years of the Vietnam conflict, KC-135s made 813,000 aerial refuelings of combat aircraft.

US Air Force emergency: Military tanker jet squawks ‘7700’ over North Sea at 5,900 ft | UK | News |

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  1. Dragonwolf says:

    I assume the security services are blocking this article as nothing to see other than the heading.? Must be some truth in it then if they block it .

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    I’m not sure Dragonwolf. Maybe it’s copy and paste software block at express! Pictures and articles copy across then disappear. I’ve taken to writing in comments recently!