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Miracles are happening in Ukraine. Dead body in Bucha stands up alive again after being filmed. Ukrainian propaganda outtake!!!!

I tried to upload the footage but the censors don’t want this one out there, do they!!!!!!!

You can still watch it though.

Click the link below and watch the very short www.espreso.tv clip  in the post.

The clip was put out on Ukrainian TV by Espreso.tv (and was not surprisingly since deleted!!) – and captured by a Russian recording device.

In the rearview mirror of the car you can see a Ukrainian zombie, apparently dead one second, then getting up after his performance as a corpse was over.

He was caught in the rear view mirror of the car, unnoticed by the fake theatre producers.

It’s brilliant!!!!!!

If accusing Russia of fake murders can ever be described as that.

Yet Britain is happy for that to be the case, along with all of Western fake media.

On April 4, London has not agreed to hold a meeting of the UN Security Council on the events in Bucha in Ukraine. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in Telegram.

UPDATED: AFU Crimes In Bucha, Kiev Region. False Flag Propaganda Attack Against Russia Revealed (Photos, Video)South Front

Following the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Kiev region, towns located near the capital where fierce fighting has just ended are now the main area covered by the Ukrainian media. Footage shared by locals days ago confirmed that there were civilians killed in fierce clashes that broke out during the Russian withdrawal.

As soon as Ukrainian journalists reached the area, the streets of Bucha turned out to be covered by corpses. Obviously, Russian servicemen are blamed of mass shooting on civilians when leaving the area.

This video from Bucha was shared by almost all Ukrainian media at once. In the rearview mirror you can see a Ukrainian zombi getting up, likely to give an interview to the reporters.

According to the Ukrainian media reports, civilians were shot dead by Russian servicemen when running out of the town. This likely should be a reason why the corpses are laying all together.

In the video, one can see:

  • all the dead are lying face down;
  • people lie mixed up a body with demonstratively tied hands is seen next to the dead without tied hands, someone is laying next to a bicycle, a few meters away there are bodies with white armbands (sign for civilians in the areas under the Russian control);
  • there almost no blood near the dead who were allegedly shot dead by Russian servicemen at close range along the road;
  • there are no women and children, only male bodies seen on the video;
  • one of the dead is getting up.