2 Responses to “Lavrov Explains Why Russia Must Defend Its Borders From NATO Encroachment; Complete Interview with India Today”

  1. Aldous says:

    Sergey Lavrov is superb. Fluent in English (and Senegalese I think), wifey and I watched it from start to finish as it was riveting stuff. He is in total command of his brief.
    Eat your heart out Liz Truss. What an absolute embarrassment Truss is.
    Was she born/spawned or found under a rock or something?

  2. picpac says:

    Exactly my thoughts too. There are few leading politicians anywhere in the world who can match him – certainly not in the US, UK or EU. Interesting to me that as far as I am aware he is the only one to include the targeting of the Malaysian Boeing over Ukraine in his consideration of the current situation.