Helping Out – A Content Creator Cites Ian R Crane but is unable to locate the Link

danceaway – I was listening to a video on bit chute discussing “Is The Cover-19 Vaccine Cutting Off The Spirit, Erasing God?” when a screen shot of Ian R Crane speaking at a conference appeared: the creator then said she had been unable to find the video on you tube, but perhaps some listeners would recognise it: I did recognise it and set out to try to find it.

Ian is discussing, amongst other things, the mind-brain connection, and Steiner’s beliefs one hundred years ago of the plans for humanity via injections/medication.

This video is also available in The Tap archives under Ian R Crane.

I think is it worth reposting not only for the creator mentioned above, but for for any who have not had the opportunity to benefit from Ian’s incredible wisdom, knowledge. and heart centred desire to educate and prepare humanity.