Happy English Fools Day

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Happy English Fools Day

Happy April Fools day or as the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish call it… ENGLISH FOOLS DAY!  As only a fool picks up the tab for other people!  Sadly England is being fleeced and I say NO MORE!  It is time England put the English first

Most importantly, stand up for YOUR birth right!

Did YOUR grandfather brave the German bullets at Ypres, Passchendaele and Normandy for a pseudo-Islamic caliphate of England (look at Sadiq Khan’s London)?

For an England where THOUSANDS of decent patriots are harassed and jailed every year (In England over 5,000 ARRESTED in 2016 alone for online ‘offensive’ comments alone) for simply voicing their opinions?

For an England where expressing pride in our heritage is condemned as “racist”?


In this darkest hour, we need Patriots to rally to her cause!

If good men do nothing, evil will triumph, and the land of our ancestors will be LOST FOREVER.

This sceptred isle has been drenched in the blood of heroes in defence of our freedom; that very freedom is now being stripped from us by our liberal elite as our towns and cities are transformed into alien territories.

We are of the blood of history’s great heroes; of Drake, of Nelson, of Churchill. What would they say if they could see the England of today? They would say: “England expects every man to do his duty!” Will YOU answer that call in your generation? If not, WHO will?

We fight for England or we lose it…Are YOU with me?




8 Responses to “Happy English Fools Day”

  1. ian says:

    I understand resentment about prescription charges. I live in SW Scotland and they’re free. There is much more to get upset over though. We get paid the lowest OAP in Europe after having worked in Britain all our lives, yet immigrants get better hand outs and accommodation FOC. MPs milk expenses accounts etc, there’s much to gripe about. Add to that the fact that Wee Nippy is about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit, and Scotland does much to make England look very attractive.

  2. ian says:

    I used to enjoy shooting. Not organised events, just a walk around with a gun, getting perhaps a rabbit or pigeon, or an occasional duck. I was brought up doing it and though many are against it, I enjoyed it, and the harvested animals had lived a normal wild life, unlike 5 week old supermarket chickens raised in manky sheds.
    I suffered from a couple of bouts of depression and had to give it up. When I was young, you could buy shotguns from Brian Mills and Gratton Catalogues, and I never ever knew of anyone being shot. Perhaps the 20 years in jail is a deterrent. I then trapped rabbits for farmers, and shot them with an air rifle, “no licence needed”. The Scottish government changed the snaring laws sufficiently, the even after a course costing £85, the rules make it impractical in 90% of applications. They then altered airgun law to make a licence necessary. I now, for the moment anyway, trap moles. I can reassure everyone that the traps are extremely humane, unless you get your fingers in them.
    Wee Nippy made a law too, that from Feb 2022 all houses must have smoke alarms in all rooms of the house and they must be linked. Available for about £200 if they work by Wifi. “I have more than enough Wifi already”, or get an electrician to wire them if you’ve had a lottery win.

    Life isn’t a bed of roses anywhere to be honest.

    • Gordon says:

      If that ain’t bad enough, today All Fools Day we see our electricity costs rise by 54%. Somebody is really taking the piss here. My electricity charge from September last year has jumped from £40pm to £100pm while my oil from the same period has jumped from £232.58 per delivery to 469.40 so were does the 50% increase come in about. Last class I was in that looks like over 100% to me.

      Today, All Fools Day somebody is really taking the piss. The Clown in No 10 not only has lied through his teeth and should be sacked but he and MPs get a pay rise of £2,200 while I get a pay rise of a pound a week. The hypocrite Keir Starmer called for a freeze but will be smiling all the way to the bank.

      Today, All Fools Day somebody is really taking the piss. The twats in The House of Lords get an increase in their daily allowance from £323 to 332 just for showing face. I have heard that some show face to sign the book then F… Off to the pub.

      Today, All Fools Day somebody is really taking the piss. Meanwhile, Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey previously appealed for workers not to ask for a big pay rise. So NHS workers get a 1% pay rise.

      Yes, today is well named All Fools Day for we have really been taken for the piss.

      • ian says:

        They really are Gordon. I feel really frustrated that the shite being talked about Ukraine is being listened to. It seems to me, that it’s only purpose is as the next stage in the great reset, and this time Putin is the bogey man.

  3. Aldous says:

    Isn’t the ‘devil in the detail’ here?
    Senior Citizens (in England) are exempt from these punitive charges anyway but should anyone of any age be subscribing to this Big Pharma crap anyway? The same people who are looking forward to their next and never-ending Covid-hoax booster shot?
    Natural remedies are far more effective and beneficial and all UK citizens will have to pay for them.
    “We are of the blood of history’s great heroes; of Drake, of Nelson, of Churchill.”
    I wouldn’t have included the warmongering all-round deviant Churchill myself.
    “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Anyway, good luck to Robin Tilbrook and the English Democrats.
    They’ll need it because the same murderous Nazis/Commies are in charge there as they are – or were – in Ukraine and won’t be dislodged in the slightest by their FPTP dodgy ballot box.
    Just look at that recent by-election as a result of the English Tory MP David Amess who was murdered by an immigrant/foreigner of sorts:
    The ballot box is a dead-end – end of.

    • Tapestry says:

      There is informational gain to be had in politics and also spiritual gain. Otherwise why are the Satanists so active in media with fake narratives? Politics should be seen as an extension of media, and the mechanics of the ballot box being totally corrupted doesn’t actually stop the power of public opinion. If 100% of British people want peace, and have sympathy with Putin, it will be hard to make war against him. That’s why ‘they’ push the fake narratives from dawn til dusk. Political parties are a location where truth can temporarily reside if they are protected from infiltration. The counter message must be expressed. Welcome The English Democrats. Spiritual power is more than you give it credit for, Aldous!

      • Aldous says:

        Point well taken Tap but the figures for that by-election make grim reading. There were more spoilt ballot papers than all the other candidates tallies combined, all of whom lost their deposits in one of the worst election turnouts (24%) in UK history. A wave of apathy as it were.
        With the other two mainstream parties that make up the LibLabCon ‘one party with three names’ standing aside and the result being a virtual foregone conclusion, it’s probably no wonder that most couldn’t be bothered.

        “If 100% of British people want peace, and have sympathy with Putin, it will be hard to make war against him.”
        I’m not so sure about that at all and time will only tell. The US/NATO is likely to get ‘stuck in’ at some stage with or without the Brits.
        Anyway, kindest regards.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Aldous. The English Democrats differentiate themselves from the other parties as a Party that campaigns against war, and especially British fomenting and supplying wars. This was not of much interest at that moment but is now a hot topic.