The citizens of Hungary have again dealt a massive blow to the globalist movement, the new world order and the newly created autocracy of western leaders selling the “new democratic norm.”  As an example, the Associated Press [article here] spins the overwhelming reelection of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban as a major setback to the western alliance.

Within the statements reported from his victory speech, Orban also warned citizens of the NATO and western allied countries about the manipulation of Ukraine and how he views the Zelenskyy regime:

[…] “while speaking to supporters on Sunday, Orban singled out Zelenskyy as part of the “overwhelming force” that he said his party had struggled against in the election — “the left at home, the international left, the Brussels bureaucrats, the Soros empire with all its money, the international mainstream media, and in the end, even the Ukrainian president.” (link)

The subtle as a brick through a window implication, is a warning to citizens that all of the aforementioned institutions were in alignment to push a united agenda that erodes the best interests of sovereign nations.  This statement from Orban should serve as a warning to review the Ukranian propaganda that is being pushed by government interests.


Associated Press – […] “Orban — a fierce critic of immigration, LGBTQ rights and “EU bureaucrats” — has garnered the admiration of right-wing nationalists across Europe and North America.

Along with the parliamentary election, a referendum on LGBTQ issues was held on Sunday with questions pertaining to sex education programs in schools and the availability to children of information about sex reassignment. Participation failed to reach the 50% threshold to make it legally binding, with 20% of voters spoiling their ballots, part of an opposition initiative to sabotage the referendum which it decried as homophobic. Of the 44% of voters who cast valid votes, more than 92% voted with the government’s position

In a surprise performance, radical right-wing party Our Homeland Movement appeared to have garnered more than 6% of the vote, exceeding the 5% threshold needed to gain seats in parliament. (more)

The early spring election result in Hungary 2022 is being compared to the precursor Brexit vote in 2016.  Ultimately, Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. election vote which followed the Brexit referendum; and now all of the current signals are that leftists could suffer a similar defeat in the fall of 2022 underlining a similar U.S. vote sentiment similar to what was just expressed by Hungarian voters.

In order to regain footing, Orban is being called an “autocrat” by the globalists.  It is not coincidental that Joe Biden and everyone in the Biden administration has been using the term “autocracy” to proactively define anyone who would challenge the new perspective of western democracy that comes following the COVID-19 experience.

No one was more autocratic in their governance than the western leaders who triggered shutdowns, mandates, forced business closures and ultimately mandatory vaccines and documents (vaccine passports) to prove our vaccine status.  None of those COVID-19 rules, regulations and mandates came from democratic authorization; all of them came from unilateral fiat and powers grabbed as a result of emergency declarations.

The unilateral power deployed during COVID-19 was the embodiment of western autocratic behavior.  This type of unilateral power is what lies behind the claimed “new democratic norms” as pushed by western leaders who do not want to return to the era where requesting permission and authorization from representative government was standard.

Collectively the western alliance destroyed the fabric of democracy during COVID-19.  Now they want to redefine democracy to retain the unilateral power they enjoyed during the emergency.   Many governments including the EU, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States are trying to create new legislative constructs which would continue and extend the power within the executive, prime minister or president.

Multinational corporations benefit from authoritarian regimes, because it makes corruption easier.  However, the result of the election in Hungary is a blow to wannabe dictators and rulers.  Watching the western media and authoritarian government leaders rail against Viktor Orban with accusations of autocratic leadership is a case study in projection and hypocrisy.