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Farm blaze not far from RAF Menwith

I decided to look up all recent fires published in news given all the strange events going on such as the fireworks warehouse blowing up in Newbury, four miles or so from RAF Welford, Britain’s air munitions store.  In Shropshire reports of a meteor blowing up have been placed in two local newspapers – The County Times from Powys, and The Shropshire Star.  Locals said they heard an aircraft, saw a fireball and heard an explosion at 12.45am on the 14th April, the day after Russia’s ultimatum was rejected by the US and the UK.

This item appeared from my search.  It seems like nothing much until you compare the picture of a relatively small fire in the open, which might have been a stack fire, not uncommon.  It’s when you are told that 18 fire crews were in attendance and that all local roads were sealed that this alerts you to wonder why were so many fire crews called out.  Two might have been enough for such a fire, not eighteen.  Why would all local roads be sealed?  Were all the fire crews from The Fire Service or were some from other Services?

The thing that also popped up in this area is that RAF Menwith is just fifteen miles away – Britain’s centre for eaves-dropping, and listening in on the world.  If another missile was shot down travelling in that direction, the actions taken by the fire service would be more understandable.  RAF Menwith would be a natural target, as maybe would the radio telescopes, of which one is near the Shropshire/Welsh border where the fireball was seen by locals on the 14th April 2022.  The telescopes were set up after WW2 by radar specialists….

Getting back to Yorkshire –

You might say I’m clutching at straws, but really 18 fire crews for a stack fire?

Cause of fire is given as unknown.  And why would it be reported in the BBC?  It’s hardly a story of national significance….

Silsden farm fire: Crews tackle blaze – BBC News

Silsden farm fire: Crews tackle blaze

West Yorkshire Fire and RescueIMAGE SOURCE,WYFR
Image caption,

People were being asked to keep windows and doors closed to avoid smoke

Firefighters have been dealing with a blaze at a farm in West Yorkshire.

Crews were called to the fire at the property on Green Lane in Silsden just before 14:00 BST on Saturday.

Road closures were put in place in the area and those living nearby were advised to keep windows and doors closed due to the volume of smoke.

It has now been extinguished, with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service thanking the landowner, whose machinery was used to help put it out.

There are no reports of injuries.

Cringles Lane, Bank Lane, Jowett’s Lane and Walker’s Lane were closed for a time

More details in the local paper.  More than fifteen fire stations sent out crews….

If the stories don’t stack up, there must be another explanation.

Cause of Silsden barn fire remains unknown | Craven Herald

Crews from more than 15 fire stations were called out to the incident, in Green Lane.

The West Yorkshire brigade was supported by neighbouring North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Smoke could be seen billowing across the area, and residents were urged to stay away from the scene and keep their windows closed.

A number of roads were shut – including Cringles Lane, Bank Lane, Jowett’s Lane and Walker’s Lane – whilst emergency services dealt with the incident.

Several fire crews remained at the scene into the evening damping down.

TAP – Think of all the overtime!   If a fire crew has six men, that would be over 100 fire officers.  Were some in fact RAF?  In the picture shown, none of the buildings seem to be affected.  Maybe there were others now burned down but the main buildings look OK.  Think too if Britain antagonising Russia in Ukraine is a good idea or not.  The English Democrats are the only political party in the UK with a peace agenda.  Back them, and get this topic into the main media.  Or is Britain to be sacrificed by NATO to get their World War going?


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  1. Tapestry says:

    I rescheduled this post as it disappeared so fast with so many posts. I would like my original research/writing to get some prominence for a day to give it a chance. The reschedule didn’t work so the comments were lost. One from New Ensign was interesting giving a link which I posted. He wondered if a strike was made which was in fact successful and this is just a news decoy.

    New Ensign
    Another excellent find Tap! Firstly, the media report that a stack caught fire, I assume they mean haystack, but very few farms if any now make haystacks and if they do, its well away from property. It is usually bail wrapped in plastic, excluding air and therefore less likely to self-combust. Also, the smoke does not seem to be dense enough to warrant people needing to close their widows. However, it could well be this was some time after the start, but if it was such a horrendous fire requiring 18 fire-brigades to attend, one would expect to see the surrounding structures blackened! This leads me to speculate that the main fire was somewhere else and the farm fire was a deliberate distraction or a small fragment hit the farm. The fire is still smouldering, so one would expect to see some fire appliances still there, if it was so important – they would probably have been up-wind of the fire so as not to be affected by the fames and smoke – I don’t see any!
    This ties up with and further confirms your speculation re Putin’s warning to the West and in particular Boris! See link below:
    Putin warns Israel and NATO not to send troops to Ukraine – Russia knows SAS troops have been sent from Hereford to Levov to infiltrate Russian occupied Ukraine – This may explain the unusual fires and lights from “comets – meteors” in the sky of the Welsh/English border area.
    This good find of Tap has already been reported on a USA news Website link below:

  2. danceaway says:

    I live in a farming area; I agree, no more stacks; the bales are wrapped in plastic while in the fields, and left there for a while before stacking in open fronted shelter from which they can easily be retrieved. These shelters are usually located well away from villages/residential areas.

  3. Tapestry says:

    I am also wondering if these radio telescopes are in fact used for military purposes, and are a key element of Britain’s defences against Russian missiles. Jodrell Bank is famous for its landmark radio telescopes. These telescopes detect radio waves emitted by astronomical sources in the sky.

    There are 4 radio telescopes at Jodrell Bank. These are The Lovell, Mark II, 42ft, and 7m Telescopes. But Jodrell Bank is also home to the e-MERLIN network, an array of seven radio telescopes across the UK. These includes those at Jodrell Bank, along with telescopes at Pickmere, Darnhall, Knockin, Defford and Cambridge. I wondered how well spread out they are, and whether any of them has been targeted.

    The Cambridge one is furthest east. The others are grouped south and west of manchester, apart from one near Tewkesbury. They are all linked with fibre optics. They were probably suited to detecting ICBMs from the Cold War period when they were built, and less effective against low flying hypersonic missiles, as are becoming the current threat. That said apart from Welford, no missiles seem to be reaching their targets, and something is working well to stop them…unless there are more untold stories keeping the British public feeling invulnerable.

    • newensign says:

      I think the controllers must have read your article, because when I searched for reports on the Newbury fire, there had been some subtle changes in the narrative, they are now talking about the fire being at Westbrook to confuse with Welford and in another instead of fireworks’ store, it was an industrial building.
      Another point, last night when closing my computer I noticed Microsoft news headlines saying Putin may attack British territory. No doubt it is because of your tenacious investigation into strange fires and lights in the sky, they can’t cover it up much longer! Well done Tap!
      Below are 2 video links – 1 about the Welford munitions store and the other about the missile defence radars in Yorkshire that may be of interest.
      My only worry is that they may use Putin’s threat to do a nuke false flag op in the UK.

      Munitions Welford
      Yorkshire Radar Missile Defences
      ________________________________________Some further comments published about the Newbury fire.
      An investigation will be held into the cause of a large fire near Newbury over the bank holiday weekend.
      A cloud of smoke filled the sky following an explosion at an industrial building in Westbrook on Saturday (April 16).
      The Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) was called to the scene at 1.41pm and found a fire that involved “possible pyrotechnics and fireworks” which it then brought under control.
      By 3pm that day, National Highways announced that the M4 had been closed in both directions, between Junction 13 at Chieveley and Junction 14 at Hungerford, due to debris on the carriageway.
      “It then started exploding more, it was quite scary.”
      The mother-of-two added: “It was all quite crazy. My son came running to me.”
      Passers-by who also witnessed the explosion sent the Newbury Today their pictures and videos as the plume of smoke continued to fill the sky.
      Fire crews from Newbury, Theale and two fire officers rushed to the scene, together with crews from as far afield as Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.
      Cordons were put in place and people were urged to stay away from the area while emergency services dealt with the blaze.
      The next morning, Easter Sunday, the cordon was reduced, but fire crews remained on the scene.
      Newbury Fire Station manager Phil Knight said at the time: “The incident is still being monitored by Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service.
      “There is still a presence [at Westbrook Farm Cottages] with the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service working together with Thames Valley Police.”
      credit: @charlottewarduk on Twitter
      In its most recent update, given on Tuesday (April 19), a spokesperson for the RBFRS said: “Due to the nature of the incident, we are working alongside our partners to resolve it safely (NE. How to cover up the evidence).
      “At this time, our crews are maintaining a presence at the site, with a watching brief to ensure scene safety (NE No evidence visible to the public).
      “The cause of the fire will be subject to a fire investigation, which will be completed alongside our partners.”
      A Thames Valley Police spokesperson said: “Officers are still currently at the scene to support partner agency investigation and for public safety.”(NE: Making sure there is no chance of the public deducing the real cause!)

  4. danceaway says:

    Putin speaking:


    Better translation offered/suggested:

    I said this at the very beginning of the operation. I will underline it one more time. If someone wants to intervene in the situation in Ukraine from the outside, and creates a strategic threat (to us), then they must know – (our) counter strikes will be lightning fast. All decisions on this matter have already been made. Russia has the instruments (weapons) that nobody else has that it can brag about, but we won’t brag, we will use them. I want everyone to keep that in mind.

  5. danceaway says:

    “My only worry is that they may use Putin’s threat to do a nuke false flag op in the UK.”


    In this conversation this morning Alex remarks that the meeting of 40 Generals and politicians at a German air base indicates they are making a “war plan” which could well involve a ff.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Maybe that’s why Britain is not being told of the attack on RAF Welford. To make it seem like when we do a false flag, it will hold more shock value.