Farage the Globalist.

There’s only one Party in Britain that wants peace.  That’s The English Democrats.  Farage of The Reform Party is clearly gung ho for war and lining up with Trump and his globalist friends.

The real target, in Farage’s rhetoric, sounds as if it’s China.  Putin and Russia are merely to be sidelined in the globalist thinking process, as China is the primary threat to Anglo American power they want the world to focus upon.

And Britain is being made to look like the main war fostering country, not the USA.

I would imagine Putin would consider nuking or bunker busting Britain’s military command posts, should NATO step into the Ukraine war.   Or is Putin simply acting out his part in all this as required?

It seems odd to find Farage teasing Americans with Boris Johnson usurping Biden’s role as world leader with a smile on his face.  Brexit was meant to be about Britain having an independent voice from Brussels, but we seem to be entrapped within the war-fostering world of our own politicians of all stripes, including Farage’s.  It’s a good moment to launch the English Democrats’ peace campaign.

Farage says Le Pen might win French elections.





2 Responses to “Farage the Globalist.”

  1. Aldous says:

    I’m fairly certain that the obnoxious twat’s real name isn’t Farage. It’s a peculiar name to say the least.
    The out and out fraudster faked a plane crash then a car crash for sympathy. Strewth!
    Safer jumping out of a plane without a parachute Nigel, whatever your f’ing name is.

    • archer says:

      Definitely a fraudster, Aldous. Ostensibly flying the flag for independence from EU governance, yet had his snout in the Euro parliament trough for 21 years.