2 Responses to “Excellent Update by Alex Christoforou; Ending with Boris Insists on Visiting Modi, even though Unwelcome; Novak thinks Wimbledon is “crazy””

  1. ian says:

    I’m still not 100% sure that this, let’s call it “Ukraine thing”, is really organic. Before I go on, I’m fully aware that I may be wrong.

    The WHO is busy behind the smoke screen taking control of all governments in the case of a “pseudo pandemic”. They already control them but to keep it “legal”, a few papers need signed.
    A massive financial crash, some say as big, if not bigger than the 1930s is coming.

    The supposed war sanctions on Russia, which are necessary for their plan, are going to cause food shortages, heating shortages and a shortage of fertiliser to grow food. Bear in mind that, starvation in winter is a favourite tool of the perps, and people’s food stores in the Bolshevik and Holodomor mass killings were seized from them at gunpoint in the dead of winter.

    I think, suspect? whatever, that the Russia Ukraine thing will peter out, when it’s no longer needed.

    There you go, feel free to shoot me down.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      This is an entirely reasonable assumption Ian. I can’t see any way of really knowing for certain

      But it is clear that the seamless transition from covid to war, and then to the subsequent, shoot-yourself-in-the-head, sanctions imposed by the west on Russia, plays straight into the WEF Great Reset plan

      It fits the globalists desired collapse agenda very well. Implosion of the west’s economy creating inflation and economic chaos. Eventually leading to the globalists saving us all with their planned Central Bank Digital Currencies. CBDC would be the end of freedom as we know it. The bad guys would then control every single monetary transaction. If they achieve that it’s game over

      A seamless return to even more medical totalitarianism when this war is over is entirely possible too. Russia seems to support the WHO, see this:


      The WHO funding table at the start of this article is interesting. Germany is the biggest funder followed by Gates, UK and US, all the bad guys. Russia is a minor player

      So you could well be right. I hope that you are wrong though and that the new Russian/Chinese commodity based currencies do kill the WEF plan. Time will tell, we should know soon enough