Do people realise what they’re supporting when they wave the Ukrainian flag? Great interview with Bruce Gagnon.

The corporate owned mass media is making people afraid.  And they are going quiet.  A leader has to speak out, often alone.  Do people want to be dealing with a nuclear winter?  They have to stop collaborating with the US, NATO, Ukrainian, Nazi narrative.  People have to stop carrying the narrative on their back.  Bruce Gagnon.

Bruce Gagnon in a wide-ranging discussion on the false flag in Bucha, Americans waiving Ukrainian flags, Elinsky a hero in the USA, tens of thousands of mercenaries fighting in Ukraine, armed, trained, and directed by the USA. One of the most important articles about the history and current events in Ukraine:…

The plan has always been to turn Ukraine into a running sore until the bear has to react.  Biden says they want regime change in Russia.  So the corporations can grab all Russia’s resources.  The Corporate media never talk about that.  All the Buchas are put out there to stop people’s minds being able to get the bigger picture.  Putin is resisting the takeover of Russia by the World Government.  Most of the world sides with Russia and China.  They are adapting to the sanctions, setting up their own banking system, currency system, and bringing in a multipolar world where nations are sovereign, independent and free, standing against World Government.

The things happening are a sign of the desperation of the West.  They are losing elections – in Serbia and Hungary – despite spending big money, the media demonising the ruling governments who are resisting.  The US is threatening all the countries to stand in line and comply.  This is the same message as has been put out for hundreds of years – throughout the colonial era.  Now China, Russia, India and others are standing up, and the people in Paris, London and Washington are getting desperate.  These people are psychopaths who will do anything including nuclear war to hang on to the power they believe is theirs.  Ukraine is being used to ignite what could be WW3 = the finalo solution.


3 Responses to “Do people realise what they’re supporting when they wave the Ukrainian flag? Great interview with Bruce Gagnon.”

  1. Aldous says:

    Aldous is tipped over the edge and becomes completely unhinged, finally losing his patience along with his mind and twangs-off to take revenge on the New World Order!
    Last Man Aldous Standing – Crazy NWO Hotel Brothel Shootout Scene – 2:29 (includes comments)

  2. Aldous says:

    I may not have been right about a lot of stuff in my life but I’m pretty sure that those advocating the New World Order and the Great Reset are much better off dead.
    Best thing for them and us to be honest. Their therapy is going nowhere. Think Silence of the Lambs.
    Think like God. God has power, real power. When the enemy is making a big mistake don’t ffs interrupt them! Let them crack on.
    God’s a genius and always stays ahead of the game.
    He recently dropped a synagogue roof on dozens of worshippers while they were grovelling to a hymn to their satanic master.
    God nudges El Al planes off the ILS and Glide Slope to piss them off and require those on the flight deck to wear diapers at all times.
    I love God and His sense of humour.

  3. Derek says:

    A couple of pedantry notes gents; The Colonel whose name wouldn’t come – McGregor? And Bruce, who’s this UK man Boris Yeltsin? Didn’t he die in 2007?

    A valued conversation nonetheless, though I wouldn’t get too hung up on the ‘climate change’ issue. We do not control the climate – Nature does, just as the Sun and the Cosmos control heating and cooling, Nature controls volcanoes, Earthquakes and much more. Mankind just tinkers around the edge and make fanciful claims intent on supporting more taxes and restrictions – to no avail save to wallets – out of ours and into the oligarchs.