China – the 800lb gorilla in the room

The reason for the war with Russia is to take out Russia so the world government can then take out China.   China is incredibly technically advanced, and if the US tried taking on China, the US armed forces wouldn’t last that long.  2 million soldiers, bases all over the South China Sea.  America wants to get rid of Russia first so they can then work on and disable China.  The two best armies in the world are the Russian and the Chinese armies.  If Russia helps China and China helps Russia, NATO and the US don’t have a chance.  US is spread thin all over the world.  Many more details such as Chines space capability.


2 Responses to “China – the 800lb gorilla in the room”

  1. Derek says:

    Interesting interview. What wasn’t covered was China’s heavy handedness towards civilians in Shanghai; the excessive authoritarianism over the Chinese credit system; the facial recognition system that basically ‘imprisons’ all and sundry into obeyance or else – no matter what the supposed ‘crime’. Maybe brushing your teeth the wrong way! As to 5G etc, is there no recognition of its dangers? Is it all speed, speed, speed at any cost? Is life in China so disposable?