Britain government softens its anti-Russian pro-sanctions rhetoric.

Is this a sign that sanity is starting to dawn?  A few problems with air traffic losing electronic control systems during flight, a probable missile strike on RAF Welford, and a surge in the cost of living might be having an effect.  Anthony Mercouris describes the madness of Europe denying itself supplies of Russian Oil and Gas.  The Rouble is rising, and Russian interest rates are falling, while European currencies are falling.  He mentions the softening of British rhetoric over the course of this week right at the end of this hour long presentation.

The British government is more like a Jewish government with no interest in British interests, it would appear.  Destroying Ukraine and Russia seems to be the intended aim, but apart from a series of worrying fires across Russia, which must have  a common cause such as a space beam weapon, each move by the Europeans to hurt Russia seems only to strengthen her.  Just sort out the fires Vladimir and the Rouble will become the world’s reserve currency while Europe’s economy collapses, along with that of the US.  Food supplies are being targeted by someone – possibly using the same space weaponry as is being used against Russia making fires in food warehouses across the western world.

Surely this technology must have its Achilles heal.  Maybe the next week will see some progress against it.  None of the commentators mention the fire weapon which I find curious – apart from Defense Politics Asia.   Wyatt Lim of SIngapore shows the fires but has no explanation for them